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About the course

Digital Marketing Strategy Week combines the three-day Digital Marketing Strategy program that presents the case studies, tools and best practices to gain competitive advantage online with the two-day Digital Marketing Strategy 2 workshop where participants develop a real-world strategic plan, with the help of peers and faculty members.


Digital Marketing Strategy, part one of the Digital Marketing Strategy Week, will provide executives with the case studies, best practices, and tools required for digital marketing and social media success. Participants will learn to think strategically and achieve a variety of marketing goals, such as customer acquisition and loyalty, branding building, market entry, customer insight, and new product innovation using digital marketing.

Part two of the program, Digital Marketing Strategy 2: Developing Your Strategic Plan provides executives with the framework, coaching, and skills needed to develop their own digital marketing strategy, around key business objectives that they define. It utilizes a strategic framework developed while working with companies from a wide variety of b2b and b2c industries. Participants work on their own marketing challenge as well as another real-world business assigned by the instructor.

Summary of Benefits for Digital Marketing Week:

  • Develop an actionable strategic plan based on your own unique business needs
  • Leverage a variety of tools including social media, content marketing, digital advertising, and app development that suit your own business strategy
  • Integrate digital with your traditional marketing efforts
  • Understand how to manage brand risk and set guidelines for online conversations
  • Determine the skill sets required for your own digital initiatives
  • Develop analytics to measure the impact and ROI of digital marketing

Program Structure

The programs combine a mix of dynamic lectures, interactive discussion, and group work in small teams. Advance prep work and coaching will define the scope and business objectives of your strategic plan.

Sessions in the first half of the week focus on strategic concepts, frameworks, and numerous case studies from diverse industries — including b2b, healthcare, financial services, consumer goods, automotive, hospitality, media, technology, and business services.

The final two-day workshop will combine individual work, collaboration with peers, and feedback and support from faculty and coaches at each stage of the development of your real-world strategic plan.

Sample Session Titles:

  • From Mass Marketing to Customer Networks: Re-Thinking the Marketing Funnel
  • Connect Strategy: Turning Customer Conversations into Online Marketing
  • Lessons from Brand Failures in Digital Marketing
  • Customer Segmentation: Demography, Psychology, Technology, Value Proposition
  • Resource Planning: Skill Sets, Data, and Silos
  • Your Metrics Plan: Objectives, KPIs, and ROI

Who should attend

Digital Marketing Strategy Week is designed for mid- and upper-level executives responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategy in b2b or b2c companies. It also is well suited for executives who develop or lead digital marketing for client companies.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Program: Overview

Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.

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