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Digital Marketing Analytics

★★★★★4.8 • 6 reviews
Course Trailer | MIT Sloan Digital Marketing Analytics
Jun 5—Jul 23
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This program provides you with an overview of the best approaches and practices in digital marketing measurements and analysis, and offers an understanding of how these tools can be integrated to inform strategic direction.

New digital technologies have fundamentally reshaped marketing theory and practice over the last decade and have led to a drastic shift in the quality and quantity of information we are able to store, access, and analyze. With this proliferation of data has come an increasing need for many businesses to better understand and react to various consumer patterns, as well as evolve the way they measure, plan, and implement their marketing activity. As such, there’s been a growing demand for skilled marketing analysts who are equipped to ensure optimal return on investment (ROI) for marketing spend and to deliver valuable insights that drive better customer service.


You’ll gain hands-on experience in the application of analytics tools and techniques, to real-world marketing problems. You’ll also learn to create a predictive model using analytics tools and be equipped to recommend ROI optimization strategies from data collected through attribution modeling and A/B and multivariate experimentation. You’ll learn how analytics-based marketing is used to improve ROI for marketing campaigns and will navigate the latest applications of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and predictive modeling within the context of marketing analytics.


This online program integrates rich, interactive media such as videos, infographics, and e-learning activities as well as traditional didactic components such as written study guides (program notes). There are also opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums. The following modules contribute to the holistic approach of your learning path:


You’ll be welcomed with a personal call and get introduced to your online teaching and technical support network. Begin connecting with fellow participants while exploring the navigation and tools of your Online Campus. Be alerted to key milestones in the learning path, and review how your results will be calculated and distributed. You’ll be required to complete your participant profile, confirm your certificate delivery address, and submit a digital copy of your passport/identity document.


In this module, you’ll gain insight into the integrated nature of digital marketing and the various digital channels that can be leveraged to optimize marketing spend. You’ll have the opportunity to focus on the channels of search, display, mobile, and social marketing, and examine how these channels can work together. In doing so, you’ll begin to recognize the significance of the integrated, multi-channel experience.


This module aims to give you experience and insight into certain available digital marketing analytics tools and teach you how to use these tools to interpret campaign performance. Digital marketing analytics tools such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and web analytics tools such as Google Analytics will be explored. You’ll practically apply these tools with the data sets provided to you, and use them to analyze and measure marketing performance.


In this module, you’ll come to understand more about how predictive analytics is used in digital marketing and why it forms such an integral part of marketing strategy. You’ll learn how predictive analytics use data and statistical algorithms to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. You’ll then go beyond knowledge of what has happened in the past and learn how to provide an assessment of what will happen in the future -an essential step in improving marketing campaigns.


This module aims to equip you with an understanding of what is involved in creating a predictive model before implementing predictive analytics techniques across digital marketing channels. You’ll learn how to create a predictive model, which involves techniques such as regression analysis, basic descriptive statistics (mean, min/max, standard deviation), using software such as R. You’ll implement these predictive analytics techniques across digital marketing channels using a real-world case study and create a predictive model on this basis.


In this module, you’ll work with marketing campaign data across multiple channels and learn to optimize certain marketing strategies for optimal performance and ROI. You’ll become familiar with the factors influencing return on investment and consider where to adjust your marketing spend. Finally, you’ll learn to measure ROI, deduce the efficiency of a given marketing campaign in obtaining optimal ROI, and then recommend ROI optimization strategies for this same campaign.


This final module offers you an introduction to the exciting future of digital marketing. You’ll explore the possibilities offered by video and mobile marketing, as well as the applications of artificial intelligence in these and other contexts. Finally, through the use of data and research from previous modules, you’ll create a holistic digital marketing plan for your ongoing project, aimed at optimizing a given marketing campaign.


By the end of this program, you’ll be equipped to create a digital marketing optimization plan for your marketing portfolio using a real-world case study with corresponding data sets. The ongoing project helps you engage with key ideas related to optimizing a digital marketing strategy. These include developing a predictive model using predictive analytics tools, recommending ROI optimization strategies, and finally creating a 6-10 page report that pieces everything together and draws on data-driven evidence to support your overall strategy.

Who should attend

Marketing analytics is a field that should transcend the functional boundaries within the profession of marketing and, as such, would be of value and interest to almost anyone working within, or wanting to work within, a marketing-related role. If your business would benefit from an increased ability to measure, analyze, optimize, and increase digital marketing ROI, this digital marketing analytics program is for you. This online program is designed to give you the opportunity to close the gaps in your analytical knowledge and skills. If you’re involved in the field of marketing, this program will help to supplement your level of expertise and offer an opportunity for career growth, or increase your attractiveness to potential employers. If you’re the owner of a small business, this program aims to help develop your ability to generate sales and improve revenue. This program is also aimed at validating the skills of established marketing professionals with an MIT Sloan certificate of completion.

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Sinan Aral is the David Austin Professor of Management at MIT, where he is a Professor of IT & Marketing, and Professor in the Institute for Data, Systems and Society where he co-leads MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy. He was the chief scientist at SocialAmp, one of the first social c...


Detailed Description
Detailed Description

Course reviews

Executive from Pennsylvania 2019
Course quality: very good
Instructors: very good
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): good
Primary takeaway: Multi channel integration. Diving through the analytics
Things to improve: More practical ways to extract and treat data from the specific channels
Industry:public utility
Professional from Turkey 2019
Course quality: excellent
Instructors: excellent
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): very good
IT Manager from Spain 2019
Course quality: excellent
Instructors: excellent
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): very good
Primary takeaway: My most important takeaway was to rely More on statistics skills and tools
Things to improve: As mentioned above, there is a lot of statisticinthis course, I took classes back at university but I would recommend to take some classes before this course
Christina A, Manager from Greater Boston Area 2019
Course quality: excellent
It was very comprehensive and augmented my knowledge on Digital Marketing Analytics especial Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning which I didn't know that much about. Kept me interested and the additional reading was very informative as were the learning videos A great investment in myself and good addition to my CV
Instructors: excellent
All who taught were very, very knowledgeable The colleague forum was very helpful since we could address anyting in the public forum and we could help other students who had questions or get help, with the instructors always responding quickly.
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): excellent
Excellent and comprehensive. They are now part of my reference library. Did this very well with the group forum that each student could address their responses as well as if they had questions or didn't get anything.
Primary takeaway: The reference materials to download and link to that we were able to keep is invaluable. Links were also available that were our resources. The videos were downloadable so we can review them again in the future. It helped my digital marketing and marketing analytics knowledge become solidified both from a professional and academic perspective. What I mean is that I knew the stuff but the way it was presented helped me really know it with all the terminology and more. The Predictive Analytics and Ai and Machine learning module was very helpful since I didn't have direct knowledge or use of it in the past. Now when I hire a professional I know how to direct them since I comprehend the various PA tools.
Things to improve: Nothing, I liked it the way it was. It gave us all 7 days to complete each module's course work and the review material at the end was submitted and graded so that you could see if you were getting the material or needed to re-review.
Course participant from Japan
Course quality: excellent
Instructors: excellent
Other (e.g. materials, infrastructure): very good
Industry:information technology
Manager from Hong Kong 2019
Course quality: excellent
Industry:travel and hospitality