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University of Salford, Manchester

Digital Innovation Programme

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May 20—24
5 days
Salford, United Kingdom
GBP 2495 ≈USD 3241
GBP 499 per day


Digital technologies are here to stay, forcing business leaders to either adapt or get left behind. From smartphone apps to big data analytics, innovation through digital technologies is the number one business challenge facing organisations today and a new breed of professional executive is required to devise and implement digital change.

This intensive four-day course is designed for those who need to initiate and deliver new and innovative ways of working in a digital age.

From how to build a digital strategy to managing internal resources; using digital channels to attract new customers, improving communications and customer data analysis, the Digital Innovation Programme helps all businesses identify and prepare for change.

Ideal for senior executives or those involved in improving business competitiveness through digital technologies, this course is delivered by tutors from Salford Business School and features guest speakers whose businesses have gone through rapid growth harnessing digital technologies.


The programme will reveal how digital innovation is driving efficiencies and creating collaboration in all areas of the organisation. It will accelerate your knowledge and give you the confidence to lead teams – enabling them to make stronger decisions, faster.

Designed to deliver maximum impact with minimal time away from the workplace, this Mini MBA style programme is perfect for those looking to embrace new ways of utilising digital skills and technologies.



  • What does a digital business look like?
  • Key drivers for digital transformation and what it can achieve for your business
  • Where am I on the digital spectrum and where do I want to be?
  • Digital marketing: reaching new customers and engaging current customers
  • Mapping the digital customer journey: TRUST touchpoints and PAIN touchpoints
  • Using existing data to give you a full insight to business operations. What is your data telling you? Decision making is only as good as your data
  • Guest speaker: sharing insights into their digital transformation story


  • Recap: the secret life of data and its influence on customer trends, industry trends and organisational culture
  • New technologies and data protection – collecting, storing, managing and using data in line with regulations
  • Digital innovations and the risk of cyber adversaries turning your own power against you
  • What are the risks for each area of innovation and what do I look out for?
  • Managing cyber security risks
  • Building a secure data driven business


  • Empowering and enabling existing talent to harness digital innovations
  • Implementing change while maintaining high levels of productivity and effectiveness
  • Strategic leadership and how you can drive successful innovation
  • Responding to disruption through agile thinking


  • Strategy Implementation – The decisions required to implement your digital strategy
  • Identify key digital initiatives to be implemented – set objectives, goals and targets
  • Key success factors in implementing digital strategy – people, technology, culture, overcoming resistance to change.
  • Second guest speaker: sharing insights into their digital transformation story

Learning Outcomes

Benefits of attending the Digital Innovation Programme

  • Become fully equipped and gain confidence to take on new technological and management challenges
  • Lead change and respond to new opportunities and the unexpected
  • Understand what digital really is
  • Identify the digital innovation needs for your organisation
  • Learn from industry professionals about effective digital business practice in a fast-changing global environment
  • Understand how digital technologies can deliver real competitive advantage
  • Gain a clear picture of your industry and its future direction, with forecasts, timelines and analysis from the experts
  • Be able to be critically aware of recurring problems and be able to recognise best practice solutions and future trends
  • Learn about digital communication approaches
  • Broaden your horizon and learn new digital business models
  • Take away an understanding of the challenges of cyber security to your business
  • Learn how to nurture customer data to understand how your customers want to interact with you
  • Discard outdated approaches and learn cutting edge digital strategies
  • Sharpen your ability to make decisions in a fast-changing and increasingly technological environment
  • Gain access to advice from an outstanding faculty team even after the programme
  • Connect with an exceptional peer group from diverse industries and share lessons learned


Kate Cocker is an award winning multi-platform, radio producer, an established favourite speaker at media events, personal coach to rising stars in the media world and business leaders. At the BBC and in the commercial radio sector, she built her reputation leading online communication with the ...
My main teaching focus is upon the role of digital technologies in the business setting specialises in the convergence of the ‘real’ and digital worlds and the social influences of technology. Teaching commitments lie within this area teaching Emerging Technologies, Information Security, Enterpri...
BIOGRAPHY New Zealand born and Australian educated. I have been at Salford since 2002. TEACHING During my time at Salford I have taught at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels on Java and PHP/MySQL programming and systems development modules. I currently teach the first year undergraduate ...
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