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Digital Business Strategy — Harnessing our Digital Future

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Jun 26—Aug 13
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Aug 7—Sep 24
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Sep 25—Nov 12
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Explore how new and existing business strategies can be improved through the rebalancing of three key relationships: Minds and Machines, Products and Platforms, and the Core and the Crowd.

In recent years, innovative businesses have used a range of novel digital tools, from apps to AI, to invent new business models and delight customers with convenience, high quality, and low prices. This wave of technology fueled disruption has already transformed many industries, and it’s just getting started. This executive program explores how new and existing business strategies can be improved through the introduction of technologies and digital systems. The framework of the course is based on the book Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future written by MIT Sloan faculty and New York Times best selling authors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. This places the program in a unique position to leverage the knowledge and experience of these experts and guide you towards the creation of innovative business strategies. This 6-week course will guide you through an exploration of the principles that underpin Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee’s book, research, and teaching. It frames this particular approach to business strategy as an attempt to find a balance between methods that have been used traditionally and new ways in which companies can use technology to improve their best-practices. The main focus of this executive program is the rebalancing of three key relationships: human minds and machines; physical products and digital platforms; and the core (centralized knowledge) and the crowd (decentralized knowledge). You’ll be introduced to examples of companies that have excelled at finding a harmony between tradition and technology. Furthermore, you’ll be supported in uncovering ways to relate these principles to your organization through weekly, ongoing project submissions which encourage you to apply concepts to a business scenario.


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Explore the ways in which the strategies for new or existing businesses can be improved with transformative technologies like artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Understand the need to rebalance the three key relationships: human minds and machines; physical products and digital platforms; and the core and the crowd
  • Identify transformative principles that have worked for real-world companies as you explore ways to implement them in your own context
  • Develop a review of how transformational technologies could fit into a business of your choice


This online program integrates rich, interactive media such as videos, infographics, and e-learning activities as well as traditional didactic components such as written study guides (course notes). There are also opportunities for collaborative learning through discussion forums. The following modules contribute to the holistic approach your learning path takes:


You’ll be welcomed with a personal call and get introduced to your online teaching and technical support network. Begin connecting with fellow participants while exploring the navigation and tools of your Online Campus. Be alerted to key milestones in the learning path, and review how your results will be calculated and distributed. You’ll be required to complete your participant profile, confirm your certificate delivery address, and submit a digital copy of your passport/identity document.


Consider the value of data-driven decision making as a possible transformation for a business.


Discover what machine learning is and how it could be applied in a business.


Learn about the types of business opportunities that may be available in the digital economy.


Investigate different types of platforms and the business concepts that underpin their success.


Explore how the crowd (decentralized knowledge) outperforms the core (centralized knowledge).


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Who should attend

This program aims to provide CEOs, managers, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to analyze traditional business strategy models and enhance them in light of ever-present disruptive technologies. By highlighting the need to explore new balances between mind and machine, product and platform, and the core and the crowd, this program will enable participants to analyze and alter (if necessary) their business strategies to introduce, or better deal with the introduction of, disruptive technologies.


Erik Brynjolfsson explores how advances in information technology contribute to business performance and organizational change. He directs the MIT Center for Digital Business, a research initiative that analyzes the business uses of the Internet and other digital Technologies. His projects includ...
Andrew McAfee a principal research scientist at MIT, studies how digital technologies are changing business, the economy, and society. His latest book written with Erik Brynjolfsson, is Machine | Platform | Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future. Their 2014 book The Second Machine Age: Work, Progre...

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Jun 26—Aug 13
USD 2800
Aug 7—Sep 24
USD 2800
Sep 25—Nov 12
USD 2800
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Course quality: excellent
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Industry:professional services
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Industry:information technology
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