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Business, Research, Practice

Digital Business Network (formerly Divia) brings together key players, the latest topics and up-to-date information in digital business. Research conducted at Aalto University and other international universities meets the latest business cases, providing insight for taking organizations to an entirely new level of digitalization.

Digital Business Network is built on six corner stones: technology, innovation, organization, strategy, data and leadership. Over the course of the year, Digital Business Network members will gain a comprehensive idea of trends in digital business and a framework for understanding change.


It seems that the most baffling question for managers and leaders is knowing which technologies to utilize for future success. And how should we manage these new combinations of machines and human beings? What kind of business advantage are we able to gain through blending the contemporary technology advantage with the best people skills? Digital Business Network is aiming to give answers to these questions.

Be forerunners in the field of digitalization and know the latest trends

Understand the potential of contemporary technology in business management

Discover new ways to utilize your organization's full potential by engaging change agents in change processes

Understand the role played by leadership and innovations in success

Contents and Schedule

Digital Business Network consists of six seminars held in Helsinki over the course of the year. During the day, we will always learn something completely new, and explore the themes through practical exercises.

The goal is to give participants a practical toolbox for managing transformation. Network power will be used in the learning process through group exercises and Thinkathons. Seminars are held in Helsinki city center and run from 09:00 to 15:00.


Leadership in Transformation

Leadership should provide a focus for an organization in transition.

Digitalization is causing ever more rapid changes. What kind of tools do we need to lead through this turbulence caused by digitalization? Leadership is a critical component to attaining any goals. During the seminar we will focus on learning new approaches in guiding your staff to the next level of mindset and skills.

Data-strategy or Data and Strategy? In cooperation with Stanford University.

Cross-industry studies show that on average, less than half of an organization's structured data is actively used in making decisions. Most of all, less than 1% of its unstructured data is analysed or used at all. How has your company been framing the utilization of data in your current and or future businesses? Is your attitude offensive or defensive? How to balance that attitude?

AI, Machine Learning and New Business Value

Over the course of the day we learn and discuss, what artificial intelligence is and what it is not.

Closely related to AI is Machine Learning that is an algorithm that improves its performance on a given task, based on experience. During the day we go through some examples and practice a little coding as well, but the most important take away for us is to understand what is possible to do today and how to utilize AI in real business cases and opportunities.

From Human Resources to Robotic Resources

In the future we are working more and more in close interaction with robots. What kind of skills do we need to be able to do that and how should we organize our HR- and leadership functions. How to utilize contextual thinking and creativity with our new colleagues?

Intelligent Things and IoT

How does these networked machines bring new business value? How to collect the data out of these networks? How is this related to AI? Platform economics can explain the monetization of these networks but how is 5G technology changing new requirements for technologies and on the other hand, how does the future look like in terms of growth potential?

Innovations and Digitally Blurred Reality

How to integrate innovations into your daily routines within your organization? What does it mean to your culture and people? How does technology help us in that? What is the best way to utilize AR, VR or MR in your innovative business ideas? Does technology bring some variety into the table or is it preventing you to be creative?

Who should attend

Digital Business Network is for change agents – directors, business managers and experts seeking new standards and innovations for their organization in a rapidly changing business environment.

The Network is organization specific – seminars can only be attended by representatives from the member organizations.


Peer-reviewed scientific articlesJournal article-refereed, Original researchPortfolio decision analysis methods in environmental decision makingLahtinen, Tuomas J.; Hämäläinen, Raimo P.; Liesiö, Juuso2017 in ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING AND SOFTWARE (ELSEVIER SCI LTD)ISSN: 1364-8152Modeling project pr...
Henri Schildt is a tenured professor with a joint appointment at the Aalto School of Business (Management & Organizations) and the School of Science’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. His research interests span technology strategy, organizational change, and strategy proc...
Post-doctoral Researcher, Aalto University School of Business Hertta Vuorenmaa is a Post-doctoral Researcher at the Department of Management at Aalto University School of Business. Vuorenmaa is an experienced researcher and trainer. She has been working as a researcher in several large Academy ...
New ventures have the potential to change the world. They are exciting, energizing, even addictive adventures that emerge on their own or inside existing organizations. Yet only a handful of them succeed, and nobody knows in advance those that will make it. Chances are the unprepared will fail. T...
Dr. Ville Eloranta is an expert in business model innovation (especially platform business models), distributed ledger technologies (especially open blockchain implementations), and design management (connecting design paradigms to management practice). Dr. Eloranta is currently working as a Pos...


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