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Digital Awareness and Protection

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About the course

An awareness and appreciation for the foundational principles of intellectual property (IP) is critical for anyone responsible for digital content and communications. Determine who owns rights to digital assets and discover both the opportunities and risks associated with content sharing in public or private spaces. Explore best practices, proper attribution requirements, Creative Commons licensing, and the application of copyright law.

Course Format

This course is offered 100% online.

Our online courses are structured to provide a positive learning environment for participants to engage in and interact with the content and other participants, as well as with the online instructor who is an industry professional. Instructors facilitate the learning throughout the course and are available to provide feedback and guidance as you navigate through the content. This course is delivered online over 3 weeks and involve an average of 6-10 hours of study per week.


  • Determine who is the audience of your digital content and what is meant by “rights management”
  • Outline how digital assets and/or rights management impacts your organization’s digital communications
  • Assess the duties an organization could take to protect any private information that is disclosed through User Generated Content
  • Discover why it is to an organization’s advantage to outline terms of use for users accessing its online content

Program content

  • Describe the terms “digital asset” and “digital content”
  • Discuss copyright laws, infringement and explain how digital technology impacts copyright law universally
  • Canada’s trademark law background and how trademark infringement affects domain names
  • Establishing User Generated Content strategy to draw customers/clients into an organization
  • Contrast how online service providers in the US and Canada must notify users for alleged copyright infringement

Who should attend

For early career to mid-level managers who lead and/or coordinate communication for their organizations and for professionals engaged in marketing, public relations, content creation, media curation, social media and other digital technologies

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Cindy Jeromin

Cindy Jeromin has been involved in business development with various private and public sector organizations throughout her career. She worked for the Federal Government in a variety of different departments including Industry Canada where she was Director of Information and Communications Techno...


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