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About the course

The services sector requires broad-ranging skills and know-how in key areas of management such as strategy, operations, marketing, and human resources.

However, implementing effective differentiation strategies in the service industry also requires an in-depth understanding of the economics of customer and employee loyalty, as well as the ability to promote and lead change.

This is why we have designed a program to familiarize you with international best practices and enable you to optimize the added value of the services your company provides.


The program will enable you to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the economics of both customer and employee loyalty
  • Develop strategies to build customer loyalty in service settings
  • Apply best practice in a service context to the interrelated disciplines of strategy, operations, marketing and human resource management
  • Focus on innovation in a service context
  • Discover some of the creative and innovative approaches used by leading companies to add value to the services they provide


Consists of two 5-day sessions



Examining the most important frameworks in the study of services, and how they are applied in the ‘real world’, assessing areas for improvement, studying best practices in non-profit and governmental services as well as traditional for profit organizations...



Exploring some of the most innovative service companies in Berlin, best practices for professional services, service in the hospitality industry, discussing the most recent research on how product companies can decommoditize their value propositions by adding services and moving toward delivering integrated solutions...


Apply the theory and practical expertise gained during the program

Between the sessions, you will select an organization and examine its economics of customer and employee loyalty, analyzing them in their current state and considering opportunities to optimize them.

Who should attend

  • Executives working in service organizations in a wide range of industries
  • Managers seeking to perfect their skills in organizational behaviour, human resources management and leadership.

Trust the experts

Roger Hallowell

Roger Hallowell teaches and is the Academic Director of programs for managers and executives in the fields of strategy and business policy as well as leadership. Among other assignments, he is the Academic Director of "Leading Strategies for Outstanding Performance" and teaches regularly in HEC E...


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