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Galilee International Management Institute

Development of a Sustainable Aquaculture Industry

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As fish products are high in both nutritional value and global demand, aquaculture will prove to be an important source of food for communities suffering from shortage, as well as a reliable source of income, stimulating sustainable economies in rural areas. This programme is designed to both qualify business people in aquaculture and to provide practical tools for policy makers facing decisions over large scale aquaculture development programmes. The programme will concentrate on two major fish species: tilapia and African catfish (clarias sp.).


  • Basic Fish Physiology
  • Aquaculture Production Systems
  • Water Quality in Aquaculture
  • Farm Management and Fish Handling
  • Practical Fish Feeding
  • Fish Feed Production Technology
  • Medical Treatment of Fish
  • Reproduction Technology
  • Fish Processing
  • Fish Pond Wastewater Recycling
  • Aquaponics: Alternative Fish Culture
  • Marketing for Local Markets and Export
  • Managing Small Businesses

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Galilee International Management Institute

Advanced Dairy Technology and Farm Management

Next dates

Mar 18—31, 2020
14 days
Nahalal, Israel
USD 2770
USD 197 per day


his programme shares the high yield model as developed in Israel. A country with little available land and a hot and dry climate, Israel's livestock industry has adapted intensive techniques and technologies that lead to the highest possible production, using renewable sources of energy and sustainable waste management practices. The course reviews everything from nutrition and fertility to project management and behavioural economics. It is appropriate for decision makers as well as those managing small and large farms and dairies.


  • Management of Dairy Cattle Nutrition
  • Feeding Principles
  • Advanced Techniques for High Quality Forage
  • Practical Workshop for Planning Feedstuff Rations
  • Cow Reproductive Cycle and Fertility Management
  • Milk Quality and Udder HealthHealth and Disease Prevention
  • High Yield Production in a Hot Climate
  • Beef Production: Open Pasture and Fattening Bulls
  • Small Ruminant Meat and Milk Production
  • Genetic Improvement and Fertility Management
  • Planning, Designing and Constructing a Dairy Farm
  • Economic Aspects of Managing Dairy Herds
  • Government Guidance and Monitoring Tools
  • Project Management

Who should attend

Government officials

Directors of regional offices responsible for the agricultural sector

NGO employees

Employees of the private sector

Producers of dairy products

Consultants in the agriculture sector

Professionals working in dairy supplies and equipment

Financers of dairy projects