Available dates

Mar 30—31, 2020
2 days
London, United Kingdom
EUR 1950 ≈USD 2222
EUR 975 per day
Jul 13—14, 2020
2 days
Barcelona, Spain
EUR 1950 ≈USD 2222
EUR 975 per day
Oct 5—6, 2020
2 days
Brussels, Belgium
EUR 1950 ≈USD 2222
EUR 975 per day


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About the course

Quickly synthesise qualitative data, determine implications, and make informed decisions. When making decisions, how do you assess the credibility of information? Do you conduct research and gather data methodically, or act on instinct and follow the latest trends? Do you know what key questions to ask? Feel confident you’re making valid decisions? Whether you are developing a new product or service, presenting findings on a competitor’s product, or deciding how to allocate resources, you need analytical skills to be able to support your conclusions with valid and credible evidence.

Your immediate takeaway:

  • Learn the basics to implement a process for data analysis
  • Know how to focus on the most critical information
  • Involve the right people to take decisions, and convey your message in terms your audiences will understand

This analytical skills training course combines proven-by-practice methods with new insights and ideas that will grow your skills. You will gain a wider perspective of analysis and decision-making through breakout sessions, exercises, and case applications.

How will you benefit?

After participating in this programme, you will grow your analytical skills & competencies and be able to:

  • Identify relevant information
  • Research and organise data from multiple sources in appropriate formats
  • Categorise data for analysis
  • Make difficult decisions involving qualitative data
  • Perform analysis from multiple perspectives
  • Recognise patterns and determine what they mean for the business
  • Evaluate the evidence to identify the best opportunity or most rational solution
  • Communicate findings and recommendations clearly

During the programme you will:

  • Network and learn with a diverse group of peers from different industries and countries in an international environment
  • Develop a personal action plan to implement back at work
  • Learn and practise new skills using real-business-world examples and exercises over 2 interactive days

What will you learn and practice?

Developing Your Analytical Skills is a 2-day hands-on training programme, highly interactive with exercises and role plays. The programme will be led by an experienced facilitator with former management experience in international companies.

Developing Your Analytical Skills Course Outline:

  • Analytical Skills and Data Analysis
    • Identifying core analytical skills
    • Exploring the challenges of collecting, evaluating, and presenting information
    • Describing the steps in the analytical process: plan, analyse, conclude
  • The Planning Phase
    • Defining the purpose of the analysis
    • Improving your analytical skills by clarifying relevant issues: Why? Who? What are the options, benefits, and risks?
    • Identifying issues that are essential for comprehensive understanding
    • Deciding on an approach for an analysis project
    • Creating a data collection plan for obtaining information
  • The Analysis Phase
    • Organising, collecting, and evaluating data via graphic tools
    • Performing affinity grouping to aggregate unstructured data into categories
    • Using a 2×2 grid and SWOT analysis to evaluate ideas and analyse strategies
    • Determining risks and performing cost-benefit analysis
    • Evaluating data and addressing information gaps
  • The Conclusion and Reporting Process
    • Understanding the characteristics of valid conclusions
    • Getting from conclusions to recommendations
    • Presenting conclusions graphically
  • Telling Your Story
    • Utilizing tools, tips, and techniques to present your story to multiple audiences
    • Creating and delivering a brief presentation that inspires and persuades

Who should attend

If you are a business professional who wants to learn basic analytical skills to conduct research and perform analysis to make more informed and evidence-based decisions, this programme is right for you.

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