Developing Strategic Vision

David Eccles School of Business

How long?

  • 3 days
  • in person

What are the topics?

David Eccles School of Business


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Who should attend

  • Strategic leaders looking to immediately apply elements of strategic vision to specific external challenges or disruptions
  • Leaders of teams and companies who want to refresh their strategic leadership skills or apply them to new scenarios
  • Individuals with at least 3–5 years of experience seeking to strengthen leadership skills and create growth and exploit value in their organization

About the course

Learn the essential elements of strategic vision and how to apply them to create growth and value in your organization. You will improve your skill set and drive positive results within your company by applying and expanding on the concepts of insight, foresight, and cross-sight with your current leadership strategies for immediate results.

As a leader, having strategic vision is essential to succeeding in a competitive market. With strategic vision, leaders are able to find value in customer shifts, anticipate threats and opportunities, and find firms to collaborate with who share common goals and strengths.

In this course, you will gain these skills by applying the concepts of insight, foresight, and cross-sight as introduced in Todd Zenger’s recent award-winning book Beyond Competitive Advantage. Insight exploits the strengths of your company, department, and team and demonstrates how to use these sources to create more value. Foresight enables you to envision and plan for future by using these strengths and your strategic leadership skills. Cross-sight looks inside and outside your firm or industry to find new sources of value and partners for collaboration. Together, these three concepts ensure creating value and delivering growth, making your firm more competitive.

This program is an excellent way to accelerate progress on large projects, departmental goals, or organizational strategies. You will leave with an actionable workbook with solutions for challenges facing your organization.

Topics covered include:

  • Combining analysis and intuition to find value in your firm or team (Insight)
  • Shaping the future and maximizing the value of your strengths (Foresight)
  • Finding strong partnerships and alliances (Cross-sight)
  • Articulating your theory of value
  • Delivering growth without diminishing value

Return on Education:

Employer Benefits

  • Improve your ability to predict competitive threats and anticipate industry shifts
  • Identify new sources of collaboration and under-utilized resources
  • Lead your team through change and accelerate growth and value

Employee Benefits

  • Generate new sources of value for your group or organization
  • Strengthen your decision making and communication skills
  • Learn to cut through complex situations to see clear opportunities


Jay Barney

Jay Barney is a Presidential Professor of Strategic Management and the Pierre Lassonde Chair of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business. He previously served as a professor of management and held the Chase Chair for Excellence in Corporate Strategy at the...

Patricia Gorman

Dr. Patricia (Trish) Gorman is Managing Director of the Goff Strategic Leadership Center at the David Eccles School of Business at University of Utah, where she also teaches Strategy. Dr. Gorman is an accomplished educator, author and consultant whose passion is bridging the gaps between the cla...

Todd Zenger

Todd Zenger is the Entrepreneurship & Strategy department chair and the N. Eldon Tanner Chair in Strategy and Strategic Leadership at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. He also holds the University of Utah designation as a Presidential Professor. From 1990 through ...

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Developing Strategic Vision at David Eccles School of Business

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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