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Designing Diverse and Inclusive Teams

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About the course

Leaders are beginning to recognize that diversity is a topic that can’t be ignored. Diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environments have been shown to: enhance worker productivity; spark creativity and innovation; and improve performance. Yet, diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) is often very hard to tackle and talk about. Because of the complexity of designing and leading D&I teams, organizations need employees and leaders with a complex understanding and high-quality training, which this course provides. To become a better leader and help your organization address D&I topics, you’ll learn to think critically about D&I from personal, communication, organizational, and leadership views.

This course consists of four parts:

  • Part 1 introduces D&I, including how to understand and discuss it. We’ll overview: why D&I matters, various D&I topics, D&I strategies that work and don’t work, and how to build dialogue around hot topics surrounding D&I.
  • Part 2 focuses on “knowing thyself,” or how our beliefs affect how we lead and manage. We’ll learn how we can challenge our own thinking to be better leaders.
  • Part 3 covers “knowing others,” or how to extend D&I strategies to others and build dialogue within groups and teams.
  • Part 4 will apply what we’ve covered to your own teams, including strategies and examples of how to design, manage, and lead diverse and inclusive groups.

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Lydian Altman

Lydian Altman works with and across various public sector organizations to diagnose, design, develop, and deliver leadership programs and services for public officials through the School’s Center for Public Leadership and Governance. Since she joined the School in 1999, her work has included cons...


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