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Stanford Graduate School of Business

Design Thinking Bootcamp: From Insights to Innovation

Available dates

Mar 24—27, 2020
4 days
Stanford, California, United States
USD 13000
USD 3250 per day
Jul 7—10, 2020
4 days
Stanford, California, United States
USD 13000
USD 3250 per day
Sep 8—11, 2020
4 days
Stanford, California, United States
USD 13000
USD 3250 per day


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About the course

Immerse yourself in a four-day hands-on design thinking workshop, working in the field and with the Stanford

Empathy and experimentation. Inspiration and ideation. Design Thinking Bootcamp is a dynamic mix of short instructional lectures, demonstrations, and guided, hands-on teamwork.

In this program, which has a 5-to-1 student-teacher ratio, you’ll learn the elements of the user-centered, prototype-driven design thinking process from world-renowned faculty and trained coaches.

You’ll put those new tools into practice right away with a real-world innovation challenge from an outside company. You and your team will hit the ground running, interviewing and observing customers in the field to understand what motivates them. Then, you’ll head back to the to ideate and prototype, test and retest to develop fresh, innovative solutions.

Your ability to implement the design thinking principles and practices you’ve learned is our top priority. That’s why we help you create action plans for real work projects and provide post-program coaching: so you can successfully execute innovation in your own organization.

Key Benefits

Acquire design thinking tools and get coaching so you can translate what you’ve learned in the classroom to your own company to drive innovation.

  • Improve your interview and observation techniques to better understand customer motivations.
  • Understand how to define and reframe problems based on the emotional needs of customers.
  • Develop a just-try-it mentality through rapid prototyping and iteration.
  • Learn how to embrace diversity of opinion using a common process for design.
  • Empower others in your company to use design thinking to drive innovation.

Program Highlights

Innovation is essential in every aspect of your business. And it can be taught.

At the heart of Design Thinking Bootcamp is a field research project that gives you the opportunity to learn by doing. Every session tackles a real-world business challenge presented by an outside company — an airline, a hotel, a gas station, etc. You and your team will collaborate with this company to enhance the customer experience by:

  • Interviewing key management and personnel.
  • Observing and interviewing customers in the field.
  • Ideating, designing, prototyping, and iterating to develop new solutions.

Then, you’ll present those innovative ideas to company management. There’s no better way to practice what we teach.

Who should attend

  • Executives and managers responsible for tackling strategic challenges at their organizations
  • Team members who want to collaborate on design thinking

Trust the experts

Perry Klebahn

Perry Klebahn is a true entrepreneur and innovator. He is also a natural teacher and a co-founding member of the faculty at the Perry received his master’s from Stanford in the Product Design program in 1991 and left with his master’s thesis in hand–a high performance snowshoe (yes a s...


Jeremy Utley

Jeremy was using the principles of design thinking long before he encountered the From starting a small-venture incubator in Bolivia to hanging out in biker bars to evaluate acquisition targets for clients of the Boston Consulting Group, Jeremy has sought to meld his analytical nature ...


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