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Nov 7, 2019
Hong Kong
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About the course

Understand the legislation and punishments of data offences in HK and Singapore

A mixture of recent real cases and scenario analysis, including previously imposed legal penalties, fines, business limitations, and licence revocations will be discussed and assessed. This will enable a better understanding of the evolving intersection between business and customer empowerment, and ever increasing regulatory scrutiny and expectations.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand and manage compliance obligations under the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act and the HK Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
  • Assess first line of defence impact for data protection and privacy, including customer data
  • Classify the principles and objectives of the legislation in HK and Singapore, as well as the offences and punishments


Professional facilitators carry out our training with well-developed group and classroom management skills in a non-critical environment, which encourages individuals to practice skills that are being taught. We do not sit individuals down and talk through a stack of PowerPoint slides; we engage them and discuss core ideas and concepts to bring their ideas and energy out, cementing the regulatory and commercial principles we are promoting in their mind. We do not focus on an unattainable set of KPIs, but rather achievable principles that can be readily utilised, adapted, and developed in an everyday working environment. Discussion points and simulations, aligned with a structured training plan and real-life scenarios, allow individuals to develop the skills necessary for success. Handbooks will be used, but individuals are encouraged to make use of the sessions to take their own notes, practising the vital audio, visual and kinaesthetic skills which are vital in their role, learning how to process and store information which they will later be required to recall.

Course Programme – A Four-hour Course

Session 1 Data Privacy Provisions

  • Legislation and Regulation centred on data protection and privacy
  • Individual and societal concerns over data collection, storage, and use
  • The need to collect, disclose, and use, personal data
  • Personal data versus corporate data

Session 2 Data Protection Concepts (Singapore)

  • Protecting Personal Data
  • Consent, Purpose, Reasonableness
  • Do Not Call; rights, responsibilities

Session 3 Data Privacy Principles (Hong Kong)

  • Living people and practicality of access
  • Purpose and manner of collection
  • Accuracy and retention of recorded information
  • Use of personal data
  • Data security
  • Generally available information
  • Access to personal data

Session 4 Data Breaches and Data Security

  • The importance of security and data protection
  • Data concerns; volume, use, storage and sharing
  • Social engineering, phishing, tailgating, and malware

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