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SIM Professional Development

Customer & Competitor Intelligence : Enhancing Competitiveness

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Jul 16—17
2 days
SGD 963 ≈USD 706
SGD 481 per day





The marketing war has escalated to an unprecedented level of intensity with 24/7 social media, endless new entrants and continually decreasing product differentiation. Learn to build intelligence measures to monitor customer, competitor and environmental shifts. Develop a sensitivity to building value for customer retention, identifying new markets and sustaining the competitive advantage to advance your company.

Benefits to You

Business Outcomes

Marketers will plan better strategies and make informed decisions to win customers through intelligence gathering and responsiveness to changes in customer preferences, competitor moves and environmental trends. You will also influence buying decisions by strategising influencers at each stage and improve customer satisfaction through evaluating five key areas of service marketing.

Learning Outcomes

• Enhance intelligence activities to monitor customer, competitor and environmental changes

• Strategise influencers at each stage of buying process to affect decisions positively

• Build a competitive value framework to determine the gaps between your firm and competitors

• Appraise service marketing to identify improvements for customer service

• Plan short and long-term strategies to win customers and combat competitors

Programme Outline

•Assessing Intelligence - Enhance market research, pre-empt threats and exploit opportunities

•Analysing Competitors – Define current and future competitors, track customer’s choices and uses and analyse competitive strategic groups

•Evaluating Competitor’s Strategy – Appraise competitive marketing mix and measure 5 Dimensions of Competitive Advantage

•Auditing Customer Value – Assess 5 Levels of Customer Value and determine Competitive Value Gaps Tracking Buying Process – Determine contact points and strategise influencers

•Enhancing Competitiveness – build a learning organisation and develop social capital

Who should attend

(Level 2) Supervisor, Executive, & Emerging Managers

(Level 3) New Managers

(Level 4) Managers

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