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About the course

Companies across all industries strive to consistently delight their customers in each step of their journey. This “working lab” program, using a series of team-based application exercises, provides and reinforces a proven methodology to stimulate and execute customer-centered innovations to unleash latent and profitable growth. It also addresses how organizations can implement this approach in an agile way — using constant experimentation to mitigate risks inherent in disruptive innovations and adopt a bias toward action. For maximum benefit, you are encouraged to attend with multiple members of your team.

Learning Objectives and Program Impact

  • Broaden your perspective on what innovation means in the context of customer experience.
  • Learn and apply concrete, practical tools for customer-centered design and agile experimentation.
  • Develop specific, disruptive business ideas and smart experiments to tap opportunities in your company.
  • Understand common objections that cause resistance to change — and how to overcome them.

Sample Agenda

Day 1:

  • Customer-Centered Design Methodology
  • Industry Overview: The Current State of Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Insight Concepts, Tools, and Best Practices
  • Live Customer Interview and Experience Diagnostic
  • Driving Customer Experience Throughout the Journey: Disruption = Art of the Possible x Customer “Pain”

Day 2:

  • Brainstorming Tools and Practice
  • Approaching Innovative Business Ideas in an Agile Way
  • Customer Experimentation and Bias Toward Action: Concepts, Prototypes, and Pivots
  • Key Assumptions and “Deal Breakers” to Overcome
  • Group Presentations: “Pitch Back to the Team”
  • Managing “Mother Ship” Issues in the Home Office

Who should attend

  • Leaders in all roles who seek to build a dynamic understanding of today’s rapidly evolving customers
  • Leaders in areas responsible for driving customer-centered innovations (e.g., marketing, distribution, customer service, IT, data science, and product development)
  • Teams of three or more individuals from the same company who will benefit from learning and practicing a shared methodology

Trust the experts

Rick Kolsky

Rick Kolsky has spent more than 35 years helping companies take marketing to the bottom line and view the world from the customer’s perspective. As President of Kolsky & Co., he focuses on using action-learning to convert many of today’s “fads” from buzzwords to reality. Rick is an Adjunct Pr...


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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.

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