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Critical Communication Skills in Negotiation

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ommunication is at the heart of effective negotiation. The most skilled negotiators understand the importance of asking good questions; listening to and discovering key issues and interests; and observing, reflecting, and summarizing throughout the conversation to build relationships. They also understand how to frame issues collaboratively, share information persuasively, and balance assertion with listening and curious exploration. Finally, skilled negotiators are able to act as problem-solvers, deliver difficult messages with diplomacy, and manage ineffective or potentially damaging communications by counterpart negotiators in ways that keep negotiations on a productive track. In this workshop, we will discuss, demonstrate, and practice all of these communication skills for enhanced negotiation conversations and meetings.


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Detailed Description
IESE Business School

Winning Negotiation Strategies

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Nov 25—Dec 13
3 daysModules info
Barcelona, Spain
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From good to great negotiations

Today’s executives face with a wide range of challenges: from multicultural negotiations, ethical dilemmas to negotiating in a deal-making situation. As a senior leader your personal and professional effectiveness rests on your success in these situations. Turn from a good negotiator into a great one.


  • Achieve a better awareness of your personal negotiation style
  • Foster more effective relationships through the ability to analyse counterparts in different cultures and regions
  • Gain the ability to align negotiation strategy with strategic business objectives
  • Develop a framework to succeed in complex negotiation situations


Winning Negotiation Strategies explores these more complex advanced negotiation issues in detail. The course topics and content are particularly relevant; having been built on many conversations with senior executives.

Ultimately, Winning Negotiation Strategies helps leaders develop the personal frameworks, the ‘mediator mindset’ and the preparatory techniques to ensure a ‘win’ in any complex negotiation.


Winning Negotiation Strategies delivers the competencies and insights needed to win.

Negotiation and Technology

  • Understanding how to negotiate in a physical and virtual context – online, on video and face to face

  • The blended format allows participants to experience of the impact of choice of communication channel and its impact on negotiation performance

Negotiating in a Multicultural World

  • Addressing cultural differences and preparing to negotiate with counterparts from across the world

  • Participants will analyse their own negotiation style and its potential impact across different cultures – enabling effective negotiation with cultures that participants may not have been exposed to

Negotiation and Emotions

  • What emotions do we provoke when we negotiate? Understanding the power of emotion in a negotiation

  • Participants will explore how counterparts react to them on an emotional level, how to capture those emotions, and how to control their own emotions to achieve a successful conclusion

*Negotiating a Deal *

  • Exploring the process of complex negotiation – for example, for an investment deal, a leveraged buyout, merger or acquisition

  • With ineffective negotiation tactics resulting in poor deals, the programme highlights successful strategies to deal-making

Corporate Conflicts and Mediation

  • Understanding to develop a ‘mediator mindset’ to tackle the many issues of conflict

  • The programme explores different mediation strategies and how each can be effective in a range of conflict situations

Negotiation in complex Situations

  • A best practice approach to negotiation in complex situations - from dealing with a hostile counterpart to negotiating with those possessing unlimited power

  • Participants will explore a range of complex scenarios and will develop a personal framework for preparation to ensure success in every case

Methodology and Format

The “Winning Negotiation Strategies” program is delivered in a blended learning environment – combining a series of online interactive lectures and negotiation simulations with individualized classroom challenges and a highly informative guest lecture program. It is designed to enable participants to actively apply their learning to the challenges they face in their own complex negotiations. The program will be spread across three weeks. First two weeks will include on-line learning session and on-line exercise while week three will on-campus sessions.

Who should attend

The “Winning Negotiation Strategies” program will especially address the needs of senior business executives, entrepreneurs, negotiators and mediators looking to develop and enhance their negotiation skills, including professional negotiators, lawyers and those responsible for managing complex, multinational negotiations. Winning Negotiation Strategies helps leaders develop the personal frameworks, the “mediator mindset” and the preparatory techniques to ensure a win in any complex negotiation.



Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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