Crisis Economics for Leaders

London Business School

How long?

  • 23 days
  • online

What are the topics?

London Business School


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Who should attend

This programme is designed for mid-to-senior executives. The focus is on actionable insights that guide enhanced decision-making frameworks.

  • Asset managers looking to understand a shifting macroeconomic picture
  • C-suite and Board-level leaders wanting to enhance the rigour and transparency of decision-making
  • Mid- and top-level leaders looking to strengthen organisational risk management
  • Business leaders facing disruption and looking to enhance resilience and agility within their organisation
  • Policymakers and consultants looking to understand the consequences and effectiveness of government policy.

About the course

Lead your business through a crisis and beyond. Learn about the macroeconomic trends and regulatory landscape that will shape the post-pandemic future.

Learning from an economic crisis

The business decisions made in a crisis can be the most consequential. Rethink risk and prepare for growth with confidence amid uncertainty.

Good for you

  • Gain a clear understanding of what the COVID-19 crisis means for the economy, your sector, your business and your career
  • Understand the forces at play through real-life interactive scenarios
  • Discover transferable tools and frameworks that enhance and build your ability to make strategic decisions under pressure
  • Understand and mitigate risk and position yourself as a leader able to capitalise on future opportunities
  • Become a highly sought-after executive who understands the implications of government and regulatory policy for business and society.

Good for your organisation

  • Invest in your top talent to improve your organisation’s resilience and agility
  • Develop and deepen actionable insights
  • Develop rigorous decision-making processes with frameworks and tools that pay dividends
  • Strengthen and deepen your organisation’s approach to risk management
  • Create business leaders who understand the impact of the crisis, government policy and regulatory frameworks.

What you learn

The programme is built around four pillars: the new macroeconomic outlook, better decision making, managing financial and economic risk and the impact of government policy on product demand.

  • Explore the new economic normal and what it means for your sector and organisation
  • Discover the tools and frameworks needed to make better decisions
  • Mitigate downside risk and prime yourself to capitalise on future opportunities
  • Understand the impact of government decisions on business and society
  • Assess the resilience of the financial system and the role of monetary policy in a crisis.

How you learn

Dynamic, challenging and rigorous material that will enhance your leadership skills, as well as insights on how this material can be applied to a business and/or policy decision-making context.

  • Inspiring faculty: live sessions with world-leading economics professors experienced in policy making and advising government and international organisations.
  • Dynamic, challenging and rigorous material: enhance your leadership skills and engage with unique content about the new global business order.
  • Interactive scenario simulations: engage with a series of customised simulations that will test and deepen your knowledge.
  • All live sessions are recorded: view live sessions again at any time during the programme.

The Ignite Series

Spark new thinking with some of the brightest minds in a short and practical live online and interactive programme. Highly topical, relevant and incisive, you'll get accelerated learning at its best, through a blend of peer-to-peer learning, self-directed activities and interactive live faculty sessions.


Helene Rey

Hélène Rey is Professor of Economics at London Business School. Until 2007, she was at Princeton University, as Professor of Economics and International Affairs in the Economics Department and the Woodrow Wilson School. Her research focuses on the determinants and consequences of external trade ...

Andrew Scott

Professor of Economics; Deputy Dean (Programmes) MSc (London), PhD (Oxford) Professor Andrew Scott lectures on macroeconomics, showing how macro forces shape the global competitive environment. His research looks at business cycles; monetary and fiscal policy; and global capital markets. He is ...

David Myatt

Professor David P. Myatt focuses his academic research on the tools of game theory (the scientific analysis of strategic decision-making) applied to diverse settings, including business strategy; macroeconomic coordination; and political science.  In addition to his role as Professor of Economic...

Elias Papaioannou

Professor Elias Papaioannou’s focuses his research on international finance; political economy; applied econometrics; macro aspects of regulation; law and finance; and growth and development. His research has been recognised with the inaugural 2013 European Investment Bank Young Economist Award; ...

Lucrezia Reichlin

Lucrezia Reichlin is Professor of Economics at London Business School; Non-Executive Director of UniCredit Banking Group; Research Director at the Centre for Economic Policy Research; and Chair of the Scientific Council at the Brussels-based think-tank, Bruegel. She served as Director General o...

Paolo Surico

Professor Paolo Surico received his PhD in 2004 from Bocconi University and worked as a Research Advisor of the External Members of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England, before joining the Economics Department at London Business School in 2009. His recent work focuses on assessin...

Andrea Galeotti

Professor Andrea Galeotti is an expert in microeconomics, industrial organisation and game theory. His research focuses on the economics of networks, with a particular interest in business strategies in network industries. He was most recently Professor of Economics at the European University In...

Crisis Economics for Leaders at London Business School

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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