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About the course

Over 90% of online business now begins with a search. By optimising your website to rank higher in search engines, you can earn more traffic and ultimately more sales.

So how can you rank higher?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been around long enough to ensure there’s a lot of bad advice and bad habits out there. There are also a lot of websites applying many or all of the technical best practices, so technical expertise on its own is not enough. To get to the top, you need a common-sense and informed strategy implemented with creativity and originality.

SEO has often felt like the domain of developers, coders and tech-savvy people – but that’s far from the case. It is just as important to know how to understand audiences, design communications and media, and engage, persuade, and motivate. On this course you’ll learn how SEO can be one of the most creative, exciting (and profitable) methods of marketing your business online.

In this course, you will learn all the technical detail of how websites are ranked, and how to ensure your website meets those criteria. But we will also go beyond that, to learn how through targeted creative content you can build a reputation with the search engines which leads to high rankings.

The course is highly practical, and you’ll be able to put everything you learn to work immediately. You can even complete all assignment work based on your own business or project, and get personalized feedback from the tutor.


  • Technical SEO audit
  • Link-building strategies
  • Keyword research
  • How Google’s algorithm ranks websites
  • Keyword research
  • Website structure
  • All ranking factors
  • The role of link-building
  • Local SEO
  • Writing content that ranks


By the end of this course you will have:

  • Develop a content and keyword strategy which grows your organic traffic
  • What is SEO?
  • How do search engines rank websites?
  • SEO Mythbusting
  • How to conduct keyword research
  • How to structure a website with SEO in mind
  • How to optimise web pages (text as well as non-text elements)
  • The biggest ranking factors in 2018
  • How to develop a content strategy
  • The role of link-building
  • How to build high authority backlinks
  • Making the most of local SEO
  • Incremental gains that make a huge difference
  • How to measure and report on SEO activity

Why choose an LCC Online Short Course

Our online learning short courses allow you to experience London College of Communications wherever you are in the world. The real-time chat sessions are fully interactive allowing you to communicate easily with the tutor at the same time as fellow students. Additionally all LCC Online Short Courses include;

  • Live sessions with expert
  • Lesson recordings
  • Practical assignments
  • Personal feedback
  • VLE with course content
  • Forums for support
  • 3 months online access
  • LCC Certificate upon completion

Who should attend

This course is ideal for marketers, entrepreneurs, or anyone with an online presence (for a project, product, cause or business) which they want to promote more effectively.

Trust the experts

Joe Shervell

A Content Marketer and SEO with an absolute focus on generating massive exposure and incredible ROI. My work is regularly featured in: The Times, Business Insider, Alltop, Life Hack, Entrepreneur,, Digg, Vogue, TimeOut, Yahoo Finance, Gizmodo, TrendHunter, Rotten Tomatoes, AOL, MSN, Desi...


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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.