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Who should attend

  • Agency founders
  • Owners of design-led businesses
  • Creative entrepreneurs
  • Design leaders and visionaries

About the course

A series of Creative Business Masterclasses specially curated for agency owners, studio founders and creative entrepreneurs who want to get insights on running and scaling a design business.

Meet established founders and creative business owners of top agencies who have been there and done it, so you can learn from their successes, mistakes, and reflections. Hear their stories and be inspired by how they started and scaled their agencies to international success. Connect with other like-minded design entrepreneurs from around the world and share your own learnings and tips. If you are tired of basic webinars and theoretical courses, we've got you covered – welcome to the place where content is carefully curated to give you the maximum inspiration and learning.

You will learn

  • Mistakes agencies made in their 1st, 5th and 10th years
  • How to switch from being hands-on to being a leader
  • How to scale your agency
  • How not to lose your soul while growing your business
  • Why you can stay small and still be international

A 360 experience

  • industry-led

Get behind-the-scenes access to the top design agencies and hear how they started, grew and became famous internationally. Be prepared to hear raw stories with all mistakes, failures and things learnt on the way.

  • tools & frameworks

We carefully curated all content to make it inspiring and applicable. All pdf presentations are available for you to keep.

  • self-paced

No need to wait! All masterclasses are available to enjoy right now. Whether you prefer to binge-watch or saviour the experience and watch them at your own pace in your own time – the choice is yours.

Programme structure

Chapter 1 – culture & scaling

Why company culture is everything to a creative business

Hear from 100+ people agency Base Co-Founder Thierry about their journey of international growth across the Brussels, New York, Geneva, and Melbourne studios. Learn how Base scaled their operations, team, and culture, keeping a unified vision for the studio while managing different clients from different markets.

A special focus will be made on how Base created their company culture by setting daily rituals, now followed across all their Bases. The masterclass will provide straightforward advice and tools that can help anyone leading a creative practice.

  • How to transform your company from an over-working culture to a stable growth
  • How to lead and manage teams through rituals, rather than timesheets
  • How to structure international offices to keep the same spirit while allowing local flexibility
  • Shares, payouts and business structure – how can you get your people involved

Chapter 2 – strategy & client management

Become a better leader for your team

They create stories and experiences for brands, technology companies, and the entertainment industry. The studio believes in a strong culture built on diversity and shared experiences, Their mission is to create stories which inspire new ways of looking at the world.

Join the company leadership as they discuss strategy, operations, and client management processes which underpinned their international expansion to 40+ designers across Canada and Brazil.

  • How to plan your strategy and think about the future
  • How to work directly with clients and keep them happy
  • How to be a better leader to your colleagues and partners

Chapter 3 – tech strategy & expertise

How tech and nature can inform your business strategy

UNIT9 is a truly global studio with 150+ people and international reach across London, Los Angeles, New York, Florence, Berlin and Poland. Founded in 1996, they've weathered technological and industry changes, remaining one of the world leaders in technology, creativity, and production.

Co-founder and Technical Partner Yates Buckley will cover his unique perspective on supporting and guiding UNIT9 through constant challenges and successes across its 24 years. He will explore the ever-changing foundations of a tech-based production group and the regular transformation of the organisation around fluid boundaries. Hear how UNIT9 has balanced working near the edge of the possible while controlling risks on the other side.

  • How to work with strategy when it is impossible to have one
  • Path dependence and why examples don't transfer
  • Managing knowledge and forgetting
  • Power law, Pareto distributions and what does it mean in your business
  • Diagnosing business faults and how hard they are to fix

Chapter 4 – going global, staying small

You don't always need big teams for big projects

Kate Dawkins Studio is a BAFTA-winning creative studio which specialises in designing, creating, producing and delivering bespoke digital content for live performances, shows and brand experiences.

Founder, Kate Dawkins, will share her approach to running her agency that allowed her to keep core team under 10 people while delivering projects for the worlds largest brands such as Nike, MTV, Heineken, Jaguar, and Ford, to the London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies.

  • How to win international clients without having global offices
  • Agile agency model and where to find collaborators
  • What do you do when things go wrong

Chapter 5 – growth, operations & leadership

Think about the future whilst growing

Expect to hear all the ups, downs, lefts and rights of running a creative business for 16 years. Founded by two best friends, Matt 'Mills' Miller & John 'Sinx' Sinclair in London in 2004, ustwo is a 200+ people studio behind some amazing digital projects and games like Monument Valley that cares deeply for their teams, clients, and impact on the wider world.

Sinx will share stories and insights on nurturing an environment of diverse backgrounds, thoughts, views, opinions and life experiences. Hear how the studio grew from a shared vision of an ethical and sustainable business to a fully a B-Corp certified company.

  • Understand the economics of your business – what leavers you have, your REAL costs and margins
  • What parts of the business you should focus on as a founder/CEO
  • Design your business for the less good days
  • The Leaders you trust – how to hire for C-Level positions


Ekaterina Solomeina

Ekaterina is a designer, innovator and a TEDx speaker. For the past 14 years, Ekaterina has worked with the top design and innovation companies around the world Coca-Cola, Versace, Samsung, IBM and Microsoft helping to grow brands, developing design teams and creating new digital products.

John Sinclair

John Sinclair (Sinx) is Co-Founder of the ustwo group. He formed the company in 2004 with his business partner and best friend Mills. Before becoming Chairman of the Studio Group Sinx held the position of CEO and ran the London, Malmö, New York and Sydney studios. He also sits on the board of ust...

Thierry Brunfaut

Coming from a family of architects, Thierry brings to Base a creativity grounded in common sense. Following a two-year stint as a graphic designer in Spain, Thierry co-founded Base in 1996 with his friends Juliette Cavenaile, Dimitri Jeurissen, Marc Panero and Geoff Cook. Though leading BaseBruss...

Kate Bate

Kate has 20+ years of experience in the advertising and design industry. Her business sensibilities matched with her savvy commitment to always taking bold risks led her to launch three production/post-production facilities, all culminating to what is now Tendril. She is community minded and has ...

Christopher Bahry

Chris is the Co-Founder of the internationally renowned design and animation studio Tendril, with 40 employees and offices in Toronto and São Paulo. Over the course of his creative career, Chris has actively sought out beauty and meaning in the places where the visual arts and sciences converge. ...

Kate Dawkins

Kate Dawkins is a BAFTA-winning founder and creative director of Kate Dawkins Studio, specialising in bespoke content for Live performances, shows, and brand events. With over 25 years of industry experience, Kate has worked for some of the largest global brands, including high profile projects ...

Alexandre Torres

Alexandre Torres is one of the founders of Tendril, with a creative career spanning from a rural community in Brazil, to becoming an up and coming designer in Rio de Janeiro, before his moving to Toronto to co-found creative studio Tendril. Tendril is a design-driven animation, vfx, and digital i...

Jonathan Wilkins (Dines)

Mentor, philanthropist and entrepreneur DINES pioneers creative change and is a coveted international speaker. Recognised for his distinctive style and vision, Dines has transformed the way brands connect with the new culture from Nike, EA Sports, Universal Music, Adidas, Levis, Hasbro, Sony Musi...

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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