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LIMRA International

Creating the Conditions for (Individual and Team) Success

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About the course

Do you wonder how some people seem easily able to bring out the best in others, shape attitudes, and build high-performing, collaborative teams? This program focuses on human capital — and how leaders can “get it right” to maximize performance, revitalize their work culture, resolve dysfunction, and increase their ability to influence outcomes. Using a combination of coaching-based insights and practical action steps, you will gain a strong foundation to clear the way forward for yourself and those you lead.

Learning Objectives and Program Impact

  • Explore best practices for creating a self-sustaining culture of achievement in your organization.
  • Optimize your personal leadership strengths and gain new tools for tackling even the most challenging “people problems.”
  • Learn how to become “unflappable” and bring out the best in yourself and others — especially in times of adversity.
  • Enhance your ability to create compelling messages, anticipate and overcome objections, and make the most of unexpected “moments of power.”
  • Discover techniques for addressing individual and team performance challenges without triggering negative emotional responses.
  • Systematically resolve conflicts and other impediments to peak performance.

Sample Agenda

Day 1:

  • Mindset Reset: A New Way of Looking at Leadership
  • The Hidden Side of Communication
  • People Reading
  • Managing the “Stories” That Shape Your Life
  • Discovering Your “Personal Best” Leadership Style
  • The DISC Model: Better Relationships, Better Results

Day 2:

  • DISC in Action
  • The Irrefutable Link Between Trust and High Performance
  • 3-D Perception: A Problem-Solving and Decision-Making “Must Have” Skill
  • Best Practices for Creating a Culture of Achievement
  • Antidotes for the “Fear of Delegating” and Other Limiting Leadership Behaviors
  • Strategies for Promoting Accountability and Managing Seamless Change

Day 3:

  • Addressing the Fear of Conflict
  • Uncovering and Addressing Root Causes
  • Resolving Inner Conflicts
  • Introducing the Dynamic Process of Self-Inquiry
  • Peacemaking Skills to Promote a “Drama-Free” Workplace
  • Common Disconnects and How to Work Through Them

Who should attend

  • Leaders at all levels who want to strengthen communication and conflict management skills to deliver positive results
  • Leaders seeking to establish a culture of achievement or re-energize an existing team by eliminating existing obstacles that inhibit success

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Catherine Carlisi

Catherine Carlisi is a highly respected executive coach and trainer specializing in personal achievement, leadership effectiveness, communication and influencing skills. Catherine reveals the hidden side of communication that makes people respond the way they do and teaches the skills needed to a...


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