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Harvard Kennedy School

Creating Public Value

Mark Moore discusses the concept and history of public value
Sep 16—Nov 18
3 days
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
USD 2200
USD 733 per day

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The need for public managers to deliver real value has never been greater, yet the complexity and volatility of the public sector often prevents leaders in their efforts from doing so. Despite the obstacles, it is critical for those in government to remember what is distinctively public about their work: to separate public value from commercial value, and to adapt their practices to rapid changes in expectations, aspirations, and social conditions.

Taking advantage of the best thinking from both the private and public sectors, the program will help you:

  • Analyze situations in which you find yourself to better identify risks and opportunities
  • Imagine a value-creating path to the future that is both feasible and legitimate
  • Develop performance metrics to help monitor and adapt your ideas as you strive towards improved value creation

Over the nine-week period, participants will examine the dual roles they play as citizens and public managers in authorizing, financing, helping to produce, and enjoying or suffering the consequences of government action. In addition, you will explore how government could use its various modes of contact with citizens to further engage them in democratic governance.


Creating Public Value will strengthen your capacities to develop and use a “restless, value-seeking imagination” that can help make the world a better place for one and all.

You will learn new concepts to guide your thinking and have the opportunity to reflect upon the moral and behavioral challenges of becoming a resourceful and wise public value creator.

The program includes eight modules that need to be completed sequentially, plus one live interactive session with Professor Mark Moore.

Each module features:

  • Video lectures
  • Essential readings
  • One assignment and one reflection exercise

As part of the curriculum, you will also be expected to work on your own public value proposition.

Who should attend

Creating Public Value is for executives in government who have policy responsibilities in their respective domains.

The program may also be valuable to private managers working in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors who seek to produce public value either voluntarily, or because of a contractual, regulatory relationship, or partnership with government.


Mark H. Moore is the Hauser Professor of Nonprofit Organizations. His current primary focus is studying the processes that enable social innovation and change to occur in response to changing political, economic, and social conditions. He began his career at the Kennedy School as a member of the...


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Detailed Description

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Sep 16—Nov 18
3 days
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
USD 2200
USD 733 per day

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