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The University of Auckland Business School

Creating and Leading Highly Effective Teams

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‘The only things that happen naturally in an organisation are confusion, friction and mal-performance. Everything else is the result of leadership.’ Peter Drucker, management consultant.

We’ve probably all worked in teams that have not been highly effective. Some have been lucky enough to work in high performing teams. So what makes the difference? It’s understanding that, as with most things, it takes time, understanding and nurturing to bring a high performing team to fruition.

This interactive short course looks at the elements of team development and your role as leader of the team.

Topics covered

You will gain an overview of how teams develop and your role as leader. You will also be able to apply specific tools to establish a high performing team culture and create more capable managers.

Course agenda focus:

  • ŸWhat makes a high performing team?
  • ŸThe importance of vision, values and culture
  • ŸIs your leadership meeting your team’s needs?
  • ŸThriving through change
  • Dealing with the tough stuff


You will

  • Establish a team culture and get buy-in
  • ŸLead according to need
  • ŸProvide effective feedback
  • ŸProvide appropriate motivational opportunities to each team member
  • ŸRaise issues
  • Manage conflict

Your organisation will:

  • ŸHave higher performing teams
  • ŸBuild a culture of high performance
  • Create more capable managers

Who should attend

Managers and team leaders who would like to gain a better understanding of what it means to develop a highly effective team.

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