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Creating a Customer-Centric Culture Program

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About the course

How to Execute and Sustain Your Customer Experience Transformation

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture focuses on a strategic two-step process:

  • Designing the method and technical solutions needed to implement your customer-centric plan
  • Delivering the highest return on investment by gaining the buy-in from leadership and employees to deploy and sustain this shift in your organization’s culture

This program helps leaders design and deliver a customer-focused plan to promote sustainable business success.

Learning Objectives—Creating a Customer-Centric Culture Program

The Creating a Customer-Centric Culture program provides tools and techniques you need to foster cross-functional collaboration, deliver faster service and improve processes to enhance your customer experience. It will help you:

  • Understand the essentials of becoming a customer-focused organization
  • Create and live by a customer-centric vision
  • Assess the ability of your organization to adopt customer-focused processes and culture
  • Create an environment of customer empathy
  • Use customer impact data to drive improvement initiatives
  • Enable decisions close to the point of customer contact
  • Align metrics and rewards with strategic customer objectives
  • Foster teamwork and cross-silo cooperation
  • Establish a business-to-human mindset that values each customer

Program Outline – Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

Transformation Planning

  • Key attributes of a customer-focused organization
  • Overall Customer Experience implementation strategy
  • The Customer Experience transformation plan: technical and cultural

Organizational Readiness

  • Readiness assessment
  • Organizational change management
  • Operational implementation planning
  • Customer Experience implementation and support
  • Planning for validation and sustainability

Validating Customer Impact

  • Interviews and surveys
  • Experiencing the Customer Experience
  • Process performance alignment with Customer Expereince
  • Responding to gaps in expectations

Cultural Transformation

  • Helping all staff understand their impact on customers, patients, members and citizens
  • Integrating Customer Experience into business processes
  • Focusing performance on customer metrics
  • Breaking down barriers between departments
  • Continuous improvement
  • Developing customer empathy and advocacy

Who should attend

This program will benefit any leader or manager who believes cross-functional collaboration and a focus on customer value are critical to sustainable business success.

  • Managers who influence operational performance or customer satisfaction
  • Leaders with cross-functional span of control
  • Service and product line leaders
  • Business process owners/managers
  • Human resources professionals looking to have a more strategic impact
  • Customer service leaders
  • Leaders of a strategic initiative to leverage new technology
  • Directors/coordinators of a service or process Improvement initiative
  • Change management professionals
  • Anyone actively involved in an organization’s performance improvement efforts

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Creating a Culture of Customer Intimacy