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Create a Top Performing Sales Culture

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About the course

Lead and motivate your sales team to achieve higher performance.

Leading a sales team where everyone is focused and performing to high levels is a challenge especially for those in a leadership role.

Successful leaders build their team’s capability to achieve greater sales, revenue and profit by:

  • Proactively leading others by providing focus
  • Developing their people and sales capabilities
  • Establishing a high sense of purpose

By providing strong sales leadership skills you will:

  • Develop and lead a sales people focused on delivering to high performance levels
  • Attract, recruit and retain skilled and motivated salespeople
  • Develop and coach your people for continuous improvement and accelerated performance
  • Create and maintain a sales culture that delivers ever improving results

Topics covered

This highly interactive and practical workshop will provide you with proven sales tools and skills to help lead your people to sales success. Through practice you will gain confidence and understanding in applying your key learning goals immediately back in your workplace covering:

  • The foundations of dynamic sales leadership
  • Create a top performing sales culture and focus
  • Provide your team with a robust sales process and clear understanding of the required actions for sales success
  • Provide effective feedback and performance coaching for your team


You will:

  • Confidently engage with your sales team and keep them focused on delivering results
  • Use a sales process and appropriate metrics to support team and individual performance
  • Apply process and skills to coach for top performance
  • Use planning and reporting tools to motivate and keep your people on track
  • Develop your sales leadership capabilities as a career stepping stone

Your organisation will:

  • Be better positioned to accelerate both sales and profitability levels
  • Have systems and processes in place that support higher levels of sales performance
  • Develop a sales team culture that is focused on learning and performance now and into the future

Who should attend

  • Those who have responsibility for sales people’s performance
  • People who are ready for progression to a sales leadership role
  • Business owners or managers who have salespeople reporting to them.
  • Those who do not have a formal sales background and wish to become more proactive in their sales leadership

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