Available dates

Jan 28—29, 2020
2 days
Chicago, Illinois, United States
USD 1150
USD 575 per day


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About the course

  • The Power of New Ideas

For experienced nonprofit leaders and executives responsible for igniting new ideas in their nonprofit organizations, this program focuses on developing the skills essential in bringing creativity and vision to the workplace.

In this program, you will explore fresh concepts in the theory and practice of creative, effective and impactful leadership. Additionally, you’ll learn how to develop the courage to think differently and lead with passion for the future. You will leave equipped and empowered to deliver maximum leadership value to your organization by doing more while integrating new ideas.

Key Benefits

  • Think critically about the professional design that will carry the organization long-term
  • Develop a strategic vision to future-proof your organization
  • Practice focus and effective persuasion as a leader of the future
  • Learn to communicate your vision and ideas, effectively, through visualization
  • Equip yourself with key tools for leading organizational changes in the future

Program Content

Strategies for Advancing The Mission: The Courageous Nonprofit Leader

  • Given the increasingly diverse revenue models that nonprofit organizations are pursuing, participants will build an approach for understanding the tradeoffs among various revenue strategies through the lens of mission, beneficiaries, and strategic priorities
  • Learn how to vet alternative growth and scale paths for nonprofit and social sector organizations in order to fulfill mission
  • Explore approaches to building alignment for chosen growth paths with staff, board, and key stakeholders

The Visionary Leader – Fundamentals of Designing For Stakeholder Experience

Design thinking is not just a verb - it is a way of thinking for now and the future

  • Learn some of the fundamentals of Design Thinking and discuss how they can be applied to everything from stakeholder services to service-related innovations
  • Learn strategic design thinking for your organization through listening to the user, observing all you can, aligning the desirable with the feasible, and learning from the stakeholder experience
  • Explore how we can apply these principles throughout the nonprofit sector. Take what you know intuitively and empathetically and use it to create opportunity

Communicating for Changes – The Science of Whole-Brain Persuasion

  • Learn how to assure that your ideas for the future may be communicated effectively, through persuasive presentation
  • Identify strategies for using compelling visuals, concrete stories and familiar metaphors to engage your stakeholders
  • Learn how to make your message stick and inspire action as a leader

Focusing the Leader’s Mind - Preparing for the Future

In the last two decades, the demands on our time and attention have increased exponentially. Today’s executives deal with more channels of information and interruptions than ever before

  • Learn simple, research-proven methods to practice cognitive control so that you’re able to better focus and prioritize for the future
  • Effectively discard those behaviors and activities that potentially run counter to the legacy you’re building

Who should attend

  • Senior leaders of nonprofit organizations
  • Senior public sector leaders, government leaders, educational institution leaders, leaders of faith-based organizations and NGO leaders
  • Career switchers or for-profit leaders who intend on joining a nonprofit team or Board
  • All forward thinking senior leaders

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