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About the course

In today's global competitive environment, innovation and growth are critical for companies' long term survival. Yet, incubating new business and sustainable growth are daunting tasks to many established companies. Many companies tried but failed while others succeeded. What can we learn from past experiments and wisdoms of many companies that tried various growth and innovation strategies? This program will share with you the lessons and best practices of new business development and corporate growth.

Program Objectives

  • Discuss various organizational models and systems to manage new business development and innovation, the topics include appropriate organizational structure, funding mechanisms, monitoring systems to manage new business development process
  • Discuss corporate growth practices and issues, including where to play, strategies of building and growing core business, and leveraging internal and external assets to seek corporate growth
  • Using cases and examples, the program will provide hands on knowledge to help companies design and manage corporate growth strategies and new business development systems

Program Benefits

Through this program, you will learn:

  • Different funding systems, appropriate organizational structures/homes to manage new business projects
  • Managing the milestones and evolution of new business innovation projects
  • Managing core business to benefit corporate growth
  • Exploiting growth opportunities through leveraging a company's internal hidden assets
  • Managing the disciplines of growth outside of core business

Program Content

Innovation Topics:

  • How to generate/search for new ideas from internal/external sources, and funnel them into a company's commercialization process?
  • What are different organizational models to house new business innovation projects?
  • Different funding schemes to support new business innovation projects
  • How to manage the milestones and evolutions of new business projects?

Corporate Growth Topics:

  • Relationships between managing core business and managing growth
  • Using multi-levers (system approach) to manage corporate growth
  • Different types of hidden assets and how to leverage them for business growth
  • Developing Management Disciplines and Organizational Process to drive the growth

Who should attend

Executives and managers who are responsible for their companies' growth, new business development and other innovation strategies and activities.

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Roger Chen

Professor Roger Chen is an Adjunct Professor at the School of Business and Management of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is the founding co-editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Asia Business Studies and a Vice President of Silicon Valley Business Forum (SBF) SBF Inc., a Silico...


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