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Stanford Continuing Studies

Conversational Intelligence: Increase Your Impact one Conversation at a Time

Oct 19, 2019
Stanford, California, United States
USD 275
USD 275 per day

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Conversation is the heart of all communication. Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) is a framework and methodology that integrates the worlds of neuroscience, language, and leadership to help us “make the invisible visible” in our interactions. By increasing our awareness of how conversation works, we can positively shape our neural pathways to consistently create higher- quality and more effective conversations. This course is designed for anyone who wants to increase trust, collaboration, and mutual success with any audience. The course will explain what C-IQ is and how it differs from and integrates with emotional intelligence. We will cover the neuroscience of trust and distrust, and see how certain interactional dynamics increase or erode trust. By breaking down the components of all conversations and mapping them to core C-IQ principles, the course will detail how different conversations lead others into either “I-centric” protective or “we-centric” partner behaviors. Through reflective exercises, students will experience the cost of poor communication and learn new approaches that lead to growth, partnership, and mutual success. Students will leave with a heightened awareness of the neurobiology underlying all conversations; practices to ensure care, courage, and candor in all their interactions with others; and the conversational essentials that lead to co-creation and success.


Early in life, Amy discovered her fascination with how individuals perceive and understand any subject at hand. This thirst for inquiry and realization led her to achieve a Bachelors in mathematics from UC Berkeley and a Masters in transpersonal psychology from Sofia University, Palo Alto. After...

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