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About the course

Successful planning for mission-critical contracts requires understanding customer’s requirements and the contracting environment. You will learn how to use the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), conduct effective market research, develop alternative acquisition strategies, and identify how various socioeconomic programs support the acquisition planning process. You will gain a holistic understanding of acquisition strategy and how it relates to obtaining best value through exercises and discussions.

Learning Objectives

  • Given a customer need, reinforce areas of mutual interest within an acquisition environment (requiring activity, contractor, contracting office, others)
  • Using the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), locate required information
  • Given a provided mission support area, describe strategic or tactical methods of market research
  • Given a customer need, identify all issues related to developing the applicable requirements documents for an acquisition
  • Given a customer requirement, determine the laws applicable (labor, environment, socioeconomic, and foreign acquisition requirements) to that requirements
  • Given a customer requirement, choose applicable competition requirements
  • Given a customer need, provide sound business advice for an acquisition strategy

Course Topics

The Acquisition Environment

  • Strategy
  • Customer Relationships
  • Seven Steps to Better Decision Making

Using the FAR, DFARS and Other Agency Supplements

  • The FAR System
  • Agency FAR Supplements

Strategic and Tactical Market Research

  • Types of Market Research
  • Benefits of Market Research
  • Mandatory Sources
  • Qualified Bidders, Manufacturers, and Products Lists
  • Sources of Market Information
  • Performance Assessment Methods
  • Interagency Acquisitions
  • Exercise: The Right Technique
  • Exercise: Where Do I Start?
  • Exercise: The Right Questions for the Right Audience

Requirements Documents for an Acquisition

  • Considerations When Developing Requirements Documents
  • Requirements for Specialized Contracting Areas
  • Exercise: Which Type Is It?
  • Exercise: Language Clean-Up in CCTV Surveillance Equipment Requirements Document

Laws Associated with Requirements Documents

  • Characteristics of Socioeconomic Programs
  • Guidance for Setting Aside an Acquisition
  • Foreign Acquisition
  • Labor Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Exercise: Gathering Statistics

Use of Various Types of Contracts

  • Methods of Procurement
  • Contract Types
  • Recurring Requirements
  • Exercise: Match the Method
  • Exercise: Scenarios

Competition Requirements

  • Competition When Using Simplified Acquisition Procedures
  • Competition Requirements for Acquisitions Over the SAT
  • Exercise: Chemical Protective Suits
  • Exercise: A Justifying Lesson
  • Exercise: Let's Make a Deal

Acquisition Strategy Development

  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Best Value
  • Importance of Acquisition Planning in Obtaining Best Value
  • Acquisition Plans
  • Source Selection Planning
  • Exercise: Plan Before You Procure
  • Exercise: Critical Incident

Who should attend

This course is designed for personnel new to the contracting workforce who are seeking FAC-C or DAWIA Level I certification training and noncontracting personnel who play a role in the acquisition process and require this course for certification in their DAWIA career field.

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