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Contract Management

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There are numerous processes for ensuring contract performance meets mission requirements. You will continue to grow your expertise in managing contracts to identify and use appropriate metrics when evaluating contractor performance. You will explore performance assessment strategies and remedies for noncompliance by participating in class discussions, tackling practical and engaging scenarios and exercises, and analyzing case studies. You will also learn how to make and price contract changes after award, handle disputes, and close out completed contracts.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply the major elements of contract administration planning
  • Categorize the policies and procedures for the post-award orientation of contractors
  • Explain the policies and procedures for payment
  • Determine the policies and procedures for payment
  • Describe the policies and procedures for preparing and processing contract modifications
  • Describe the policies and procedures for resolving contract disputes
  • Describe the policies and procedures for the termination of contracts
  • Determine the policies and procedures used for closing out contract files

Course Topics

Contract Administration Planning

  • Delegating Contract Administration Functions
  • Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs)
  • Exercise: Who Has the Authority?

Postaward Orientation of Contractors

  • Purpose of a Postaward Orientation
  • Determine if Postaward Orientation is Necessary
  • Postaward Orientation Methods
  • Exercise: Postaward Conference Orientation

Managing Contract Performance

  • Methods of Monitoring Performance
  • Documenting Contractor Performance Information
  • Remedies
  • Exercise: Apply Remedies

Policies and Procedures for Payment

  • Payment Procedures
  • Collecting Contractor Debts
  • Late Payment and Overpayment

Contract Modifications

  • Policy for Modifications
  • Types of Contract Modifications
  • Scope of the Contract
  • Change Orders
  • Constructive Changes
  • Consideration
  • Options
  • Exercise: Is It In Scope?

Resolving Contract Disputes

  • Disputes Process
  • Assertion of Claims
  • Resolving Disputes
  • Exercise: Handling Disputes

Termination of Contracts

  • Principles for Contract Termination
  • Types of Termination
  • Exercise: Termination

Closing Out Contract Files

  • Contract Closeout Responsibility
  • Contract Closeout Process
  • Exercise: Closeout Scenarios

Who should attend

The course is designed for personnel seeking FAC-C or DAWIA Level I certification training.

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