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Contract Law Administration (Marine Industry Series)

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About the course

You don’t always need a lawyer to engage in a contractual relationship. With the right body of knowledge it becomes possible for a non-legally trained person to enter into a valid contract. This course will provide an introduction to participants the practical application on contract law and how to manage contracts effectively and prevent a lawsuit or having to pay damages for breach of contract. It is inevitable that in the conduct of any kind of business that there is a need to enter into a contractual relationship. There is a need to be vigilant especially during the tendering process and if a contract is ill administered, it may cause the company a massive financial loss. This usually occurs when the key personnel involved in the formulation of contract lack prior knowledge or the necessary skills to identify the danger areas and thus unable to manage the contractual obligations effectively. This high-impact workshop will prepare participants to enhance the skills of administering contract effectively and to provide practical and foolproof methodology to manage their contracts properly and conscientiously.


  • Fundamentals of contract law – contract versus agreement
  • Where to find the important and relevant information in a written contract
  • Understanding the important legal terminologies commonly used in contract
  • Various types of contract and what does this means to you
  • How to resolve contractual issues or problems
  • How to convey the salient terms of contract effectively
  • Resolving conflict that arises during the bargaining process
  • Negotiating strategies for resolving disputes arising under the contract


Fundamentals of contract law

  • What is the legal agreement?
  • What is within the agreement?
  • What possible defects can occur in the agreement?
  • What kind of remedies are available in the event of a breach of contract?

Roles and responsibilities of a Contract Manager

  • What are the roles of the contract manager
  • What are the responsibilities of the contract manager
  • What happens when a breach of contract occurs

Key features of contract management

  • How to add in the important pieces of information in a contract
  • Covering for unforeseen eventualities
  • Case study

Contents of Contract

  • What does into a written contract
  • Preventing mis-interpretation of clauses

Remedies available for breach of contract

  • Equitable and legal remedies
  • When to apply for an injunction
  • How to get a Ganishee Order, Anton Pillar Order and Mareva Injunction
  • How to make an ‘outside court’ settlement

Exemption and Limitation Clause

  • Understand the difference between Limitation Clauses and Exemption Clauses
  • How can an exemption clause made into a contract
  • Understanding the workings of the Unfair Contract Terms Act
  • When to apply the Blue Pencil Test
  • Appreciating the concept of Force Majeure and how it may affect your contract

Termination of contracts

  • By agreement
  • By frustration
  • By performance
  • By repudiation

Closing chapter

  • Negotiating strategies
  • How to resolve conflicts and ancillary matters in contract

Who should attend

Only for marine sector personnel: HR Managers, Acquisition and Marketing managers, Finance officers, Legal Secretaries, PR officers, Procurement officers, Project managers, Technical-based professionals and Small and medium size enterprise directors.

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