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Jan 23—24, 2020
2 days
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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About the course

Engaging industry early and often is the key to a successful acquisition plan. You will learn the techniques and benefits of early industry involvement in shaping an acquisition plan’s requirements, basic procedures for acquisition of both commercial and noncommercial requirements, effective analysis of market data, and determination of fair and reasonable prices. You will learn how to conduct basic competitive acquisitions, process awards, and protests before and after contract award by participating in hands-on exercises.

Learning Objectives

  • Given a procurement request package, determine if the purchase request package can be accepted and processed
  • Given a requirement, determine the applicable methods for exchanging information with the vendor
  • Given the specifics of the requirement, determine the components and procedures for preparing an oral or written solicitation
  • Given a solicitation, determine the procedures for processing solicitation responses
  • Given responses to a solicitation, determine the analytical techniques that will be used to evaluate contractors’ proposals to ensure that both the government and contractor get a fair and reasonable price
  • Given responses to a solicitation, complete the price analysis of a contractor’s proposal in order to establish price objective for negotiation
  • Given the results of an evaluation, determine the elements of a negotiation strategy
  • Given results of the evaluation process, determine the procedure taken for contract award

Course Topics

Purchase Request Packages

  • Elements of a Purchase Request
  • Conducting the PR Review

Methods of Exchanging Information with Industry

  • Exchanges Prior to Receipt of Proposals
  • Publicizing Proposed Contract Actions
  • Prequote, Prebid, and Preproposal Conferences
  • Inquiries from the Public Prior to Contract Award
  • Exercise: Exchanges Prior to Receipt of Proposals

Preparation of Oral and Written Solicitations

  • Types of Solicitations
  • Commercial Solicitation Format
  • Solicitations for Noncommercial Items
  • Evaluation Factors
  • Methods of Evaluation
  • Contract Financing
  • Amendment or Cancellation of the Solicitation
  • Oral Presentations
  • Exercises

Processing Solicitation Responses

  • Safeguarding Quotes and Proposals
  • Timely and Late Offers
  • Exercises

Analytical Techniques in Proposal Evaluation

  • Purpose of Price Analysis
  • Price Analysis Techniques
  • Factors that Affect Price Analysis Considerations
  • Situations for Using Cost Analysis vs. Price Analysis
  • Factors that Affect Cost Analysis and Cost Realism Analysis
  • Exercise: Tuff and Hardy Tools

Proposal Analysis and Price Objectives for Negotiation

  • Factors that Affect Price Comparability
  • Selecting Price Analysis Techniques
  • Developing Prenegotiation Objectives
  • Exercise: Marshall Electronics

Elements of a Negotiation Strategy

  • Negotiation Strategy
  • Types of Exchanges After Receipt of Proposals
  • Competitive Range Determination
  • Exercises

Contract Award Procedures

  • Cancellation and Rejection or Resolicitation of Requirements
  • Contractor Responsibility
  • Award Document when Using Simplified Acquisition Procedures
  • Award Documents when Using Other than Simplified Acquisition Procedures
  • Debriefings
  • Protests
  • Exercises

Who should attend

The course is designed for personnel new to the contracting workforce who are seeking FAC-C or DAWIA Level I certification.

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