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Feb 7—9, 2020
3 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 395 ≈USD 510
GBP 131 per day
Apr 7—9, 2020
3 days
London, United Kingdom
GBP 395 ≈USD 510
GBP 131 per day


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About the course

Consumer psychology is the scientific study of the influence of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and perceptions on consumer behaviour at individual, group, organisation or community level. It is concerned with understanding the processes involved in selecting, purchasing, using or disposing of products, services, ideas or experiences to satisfy needs and desires. This fashion course will introduce you to the consumer psychology of fashion and how it relates to the wider fashion industry.

The course will appeal to professionals and students across the fashion industries and will provide you with a knowledge of consumer psychology in the world of fashion.

You will explore the links between psychology and fashion and explore the underlying psychological processes involved in fashion consumption to learn how to better predict consumer behaviour. You can then use these concepts to further develop your own business/practice now or in the future.

The course includes:

  • Introduction to consumer psychology
  • Fashion psychology
  • Fashion as consumption
  • Consumers in the marketplace
  • Consumers as decision makers
  • Fashion and the environment
  • Consumers, culture and subcultures
  • Understanding and predicting consumer behaviour to make a positive difference

Who should attend

All levels. You should have an interest in the subject area and a desire to learn but no previous experience is required.

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Kate Nightingale

Kate Nightingale is a consumer, fashion and brand psychologist with experience in retail, hospitality, marketing and construction industries. She has studied psychology, economics, marketing and fashion and continues her education daily. Kate is also the founder of Style Psychology Ltd, a (custo...


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