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Feb 22—23, 2020
2 days
Tokyo, Japan


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About the course

In modern business, to guarantee a competitive advantage over rivals, a successful firm manager must know what tactic to make, and when and how to make such a tactic. This course provides some preliminary solutions to the above questions. The essential idea is how to achieve market power from strategic interactions with rivals. Alternatively, when making decisions, a manager always needs to be aware of his/her rivals’ responses. Following this idea, the objective of this course is to help students learn some preliminary business strategies such as product positioning, pricing, site selecting, and input sourcing, etc. In this course, several real-world cases will be introduced. Students are required to think from the perspective of the firm manager. Notice that students who want to enroll in this course are required to have preliminary knowledge of microeconomics and game theory.

  • understand some competition strategies that are familiar in the real-world business. For example, various pricing strategies, product positioning strategies, location strategies, etc.
  • learn how to make an appropriate strategy from the perspective of game theory
  • learn how firms’ various competition strategies affect social welfare, and how government regulates firms’ behaviors


  • Descount competition: Yodobashi Camera vs. Bic Camera
  • Simultaneous releasing of new product: HTC vs. Samsung
  • Sequential releasing of new product: Samsung vs. Apple


  • Homogeneous product competition: Pizza Hat vs. Dominos Pizza
  • Heterogeneous product competition: ios vs. Android
  • Best timing of new product releasing-earlier is not better: Samsung vs. Apple

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Cong Pan

Cong Pan received his Ph.D. in Economics from the Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University. He had worked as Research Fellow for Ja Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), Visiting Scholar for Centre d'Économie de la Sorbonne – Cachan (École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay) and Special...


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