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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Competitive Advantage Through Process Design

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Customers care about the value that the products and services bring to them, and rarely the efforts needed to deliver the same. Thus while it is imperative for the firm to strive to excel in the value proposition that they provide to their customers, the firm cannot lose its focus on the internal systems and processes that they go through to develop the value proposition. Process improvement and process (re-)design is a continuous effort that firms engage in their quest to gain sustainable competitive advantage. These efforts fall under various approaches: Toyota Production System (TPS), Lean (operations, manufacturing, etc.), Value Stream Mapping (VSM), Business Process Reengineering (BPR), etc. being some of them.

This course covers these approaches two-fold: first, how to do process design and improvements, benchmarking to identify efficiency differences, and how to manage the organization changes associated with process improvements; and second, how to setup the various internal best practice systems that go on to develop the value chain through which the firm achieves sustainable competitive advantage. Such system design includes respective designs of the supply chain, the product development processes, and managing technological innovation.


The objectives of the program are to facilitate

  • Deeper understanding of some key value drivers like product development, technology management, innovation, operations systems, supply chain management
  • An appreciation of the interplay among those key drivers
  • Strategic synthesis of the drivers to deliver value
  • Understand the linkages between marketing, organizations, product development, and operations towards appropriating the best value from the value chain.


Programme Contents

The programme has two distinct parts: process design and improvement, and system design. The key focus remains in creating an organization and/or processes that will provide sustainable competitive advantage. The respective content for the two parts are:

Process Design and Improvement

  • Concept of value stream mapping (VSM)
  • Process design for competitive advantage
  • Toyota production system (TPS)
  • Change management with process re-design/improvement
  • Benchmarking process

System Design (uses VSM perspective)

  • Vertical integration and sourcing
  • Supply chain design
  • Innovation process
  • Product development organization, metrics and processes

Who should attend

The programme is meant for Functional managers migrating to a General Management and crossfunctional roles to make them aware of the key drivers of value creation

The programme is suitable for senior managers in the manufacturing or services sector- Vice-Presidents, General Managers, Business Heads,Functional heads and Entrepreneurs.


Anshuman Tripathy has been a faculty member in the Production & Operations Management Area since 2011. He was previously a faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad. His research and teaching interests are in the areas of Product Development, Engineering and Development Organisations, and Operations St...


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Detailed Description
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