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The traditional view of operations as a cost center is no longer relevant. Instead, companies are getting constantly challenged in both, the perceived value proposition that they provide to their customers and in margins that they get in the ever commoditization of markets. In such an environment they are constantly challenged to excel in their operations to not only remain competitive but be ahead of their competition. Today firms have restructured their operations practice to be lean and nimble; but while just about a decade back the focus was on strengthening the manufacturing practices in the factories, today an integrated end-to-end view of operations, from innovation to sourcing & manufacturing to finally delivering to the customer, is vital.

This requires companies to have a firm grip on both: the structural and infrastructural decisions that drive excellence in operations. We cover both these aspects with a mix of decision-oriented and best practice cases that cover the gamut of decisions that companies need to be involved in towards excellence in operations. In all instances we explore the implications of such decisions and practices on the ability of the companies to gain competitive advantage in their respective markets. We cover a range of companies in manufacturing, service and retail industries. Looking into the future, we also discuss the implications of emerging trends like industrial revolution 4.0, blockchain technologies, etc.


  • To appreciate that operations excellence goes beyond cost reduction, and can be used to gain competitive advantage
  • To develop a deeper understanding of all key drivers of operations excellence like innovation management, managing product development, and supply chain management
  • To understand the interplay of various parts of the value chain to deliver a wholesome value proposition towards competitive advantage


  • The programme starts with introductory concepts that connect decisions related to operations with the larger business strategy of companies, and then proceed to look at various ways by which companies have proceeded in excelling in operations and how those actions have helped provide the companies with a competitive advantage.
  • Focus on how companies use some well established tools like value streaming mapping, lean concepts, etc., to obtain a competitive advantage over their competitors,and more important, how do they sustain the same.
  • The study of best practice cases across different parts of the value chain to help understand how these tools come together to develop the respective company’s competitive positions with the help of excellence in operations.

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Anshuman Tripathy

Anshuman Tripathy has been a faculty member in the Production & Operations Management Area since 2011. He was previously a faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad. His research and teaching interests are in the areas of Product Development, Engineering and Development Organisations, and Operations St...


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