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About the course

Develop an impactful professional online presence

Communicating using digital communication technologies is rapidly becoming integral to most working professionals and businesses via email, IM chat, Skype, video conferences, webinars, and LinkedIn for example. In today’s world communicating via digital technologies is integral to the effective operation of every organisation and their people. It is increasingly important that professionals can craft effective messages in order to develop a professional online and social media presence. Through skilled social dialogue, participants can increase their interaction and engagement in an impactful way with their colleagues, managers, customers and agencies alike.

This course is focused on developing participant’s skills in using digital communications combining a one day workshop with online interactions including:

A video conference pre workshop to discuss your course objectives and to demonstrate your video interaction skills Personalised online portfolios assessments, post workshop

Topics covered

In this one day workshop we will explore the digital communication landscape used in modern business practice to help participants develop effective online communication strategies and techniques.

  • Why is your professional digital communications strategy important?
  • What are your social media goals?: auditing your current presence
  • How do you want to be seen?: creating the right presence
  • How do you stay relevant and current?: maintaining your presence
  • How do you present with impact in the digital landscape?: presenting in digital contexts
  • How do you craft professional, effective messages?: planned and unplanned communications for a range of digital media channels

Course participants will also receive a year’s free (premium) access to Grammarly, an online grammar, spelling and lexical checking software application tool. Grammarly will ensure your messages, documents and social media posts are clear, mistake free and effective.


Personal benefits:

  • Enhance your executive social media presence
  • Master your skills using digital communications, written and oral
  • Develop credible and confident strategies to communicate fluently and effectively using digital technologies

Organisational benefits:

  • Cultivate your organisation's professional digital communication strategy competencies
  • Increase confidence and fluency of their people in digital communication interactions
  • Increase engagement with organisational and personal branding

Who should attend

This course would suit professionals and managers at all levels, especially:

  • People in their early to mid-career development stage
  • People who are keen to develop business communication strategies using social and digital tools more effectively
  • People who would like to develop an impactful professional online presence

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