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The University of Auckland Business School

Communicating Confidently Through Assertiveness

Jul 13—14, 2020
2 days
Auckland, New Zealand
NZD 2095 ≈USD 1317
NZD 1047 per day

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Asserting your voice to get your ideas heard by the right people in the right way is a key business skill.

Asserting your voice is a key business communication skill that can be learnt. It’s all about getting your ideas across and heard by the right people, at the right time and in the right way for impact. Communicating confidently through assertiveness can be mastered though practice. The ability to get your message across without offending others is vital and essential in developing positive relationships. This will enable you to gain support fo

Topics covered

This short course provides participants with lots of opportunity to practice their assertiveness in different situations. You will gain confidence in getting your ideas across clearly and effectively by:

  • Assessing how assertive you actually are
  • Practicing the assertiveness steps in a variety of different situations to gain confidence in using them
  • Exploring ways of giving and receiving feedback to get your message across clearly

We will discuss the four people behavioural types and “ego states” so you understand the importance of tailoring your communication assertiveness style to your audience effectively.

  • Defining the four behaviour types.
  • Exploring the three "ego states"
  • Examining the key elements required for building cultures of ‘responsibility’ rather than 'blame'

Listening and practising “key steps” for asserting your voice


You will:

  • Identify new ways to communicate more assertively and to get your ideas across
  • Assess what holds you back in communicating confidently
  • Construct your own Bill of Assertive Rights

Your organisation will:

  • Gain from your ability to express your ideas and feelings to be heard in a responsible manner
  • Benefit from your confidence and ability to communicate in an effective way to get your ideas across that also uses your unique talents

Who should attend

  • People wanting to be assertive in their communications in a responsible manner
  • People who want to get their ideas across more assertively and confidently
  • People who would like to gain confidence in asserting their voice to their managers and or team members


Roseann Gedye is a sought-after educator and adviser in the areas of communication, leadership, change and motivation. With extensive educational experience, Roseann has written and presented a number of communication programmes in a variety of organisations. She taught the Bachelor of Internati...


Detailed Description
Detailed Description

Next dates

Jul 13—14, 2020
2 days
Auckland, New Zealand
NZD 2095 ≈USD 1317
NZD 1047 per day

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