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  • online
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Who should attend

  • Software Developers and Mainframe Professionals
  • BI Professionals and ETL Developers
  • Database Architects and SQL Developers
  • Project Managers and Business Objects Professionals

What are the prerequisites for taking up the Cognos TM1 training course?

Anybody can take up this training course regardless of their skill sets. However, a basic knowledge of SQL can help.

About the course

Intellipaat IBM Cognos TM1 certification training helps you master enterprise reporting, scorecarding, forecasting, planning and analyzing. You will learn to work with multidimensional OLAP, TM1 Web, TM1 Turbo Integrator and advanced modeling techniques through real-time projects.

About Cognos TM1 Training Course

This Cognos TM1 training lets you gain proficiency in IBM Cognos TM1 which is an online analytical processing platform. This course is designed for both beginners and advanced learners of Cognos TM1. Some of the topics included in this Cognos TM1 training are creation and configuration of TM1 servers, building Cubes and Views, creating dimensions, deploying Turbo Integrator for loading and maintaining data and transferring data using scripts.

What will you learn in this Cognos TM1 training course?

  • Architecture of IBM Cognos TM1 and its key components
  • Using Skip check and Feeders for optimizing rule performance
  • Data loading, deleting and updating in Cubes
  • Creation and configuration of Cognos TM1 services
  • Drill process and data spreading methods
  • Managing active forms by connection TM1 server in Excel
  • Continuous Time Dimension Model
  • Planning and Managing of applications

Why should you take up the Cognos TM1 training course?

  • Cognos TM1 naturally works with Excel which is what 80% of the target market wants – Messages that Matter
  • An IBM Cognos Tm1 Consultant in the United States can earn $117,000.

Cognos TM1 strengths include efficient calculation engine, data storage methodology in RAM and high scalability – Ironside Group IBM Cognos TM1 is a high-performance Business Intelligence tool. You can do online analytical processing through queries from an Excel sheet and the web via ‘TM1 Web.’ This training will provide you with the much-needed data analysis and model business techniques to create highly scalable and reliable solutions for dynamic forecasts and great business insights. This training along with the IBM Cognos Professional Certification can help you grab some of the highly desirable jobs in the industry.

Cognos TM1 Course Content

Introduction to Cognos TM1

Understanding multi-dimensional OLAP database, TM1 Web, TM1 Executive Viewer, TM1 Servers and Services, Cognos TM1 Installation, TM1 Workflow, Server & Services, TM1 user Interfaces, Turbo Integrator

Cognos TM1 Configuration

Managing the components and tasks – start, stop and add TM1 Servers, use the components – TM1 Web, Applications and Operations Console, create or delete Windows/Desktop services using Command prompt.

Creating Dimensions

Manual creation of Dimensions, Sparse and Dense Dimensions, creating cubes, reviewing Cubes and Dimensions, using Turbo Integrator ETL, deploying Dimension Editor/Attributes, what is an Element, working with various elements, Create Product Dimension, Measure Dimension, Dynamic Subset creation, Performance Monitoring, Control Cubes, TM1 Web, Rules in TM1, create Subset, assign Subset, Dimensional Manipulation, subset relational function, view Related Functions, Cube related attributes, dimension related attributes, attributes delete, insert functions, creating dimensions, populate attributes, defining dimension types.

Building Cubes and Views

learning to create New Cube View, using View Builder Wizard, understanding Cube and data Points, deploying Cubes for constructing Data Views, View types – Private, Public & Default, Dynamic and Static Subset creation, building Cubes, building Views, Bulk Load Mode, Creating a data Source through TI, TM1 web view, TM1 Cube view, chart properties in TM1, performance modular in TM1.

Working with TM1 Turbo Integrator

Cognos TM1 Rules Understanding TM1 rules, TM1 Rules Editor, rules compilation, using functions, rule performance optimization, working with Feeders and Skipcheck, Cube manipulation TurboIntergrator functions, element information rules functions, D-type in TM1, ELCOMP & ELISCOMP Functions, ELISPAR & ELWEIGHT Function

Advanced Scripting with Turbo Integrator

Working with Advanced tab of Turbo Integrator, creating scripts for editing procedures, deploying Dimension subsets and attributes.

TM1 Data Spreading

Distributing numeric data across cells in Cube View, data spreading functions, procedures and methods, drill-through process and rules for assigned detailed data to cells, TM1 Data Spreading, recreating dimension, attributes element types, Cube control elements, dimension elements, Drill Assignment rules, Trace a feeder, feed strings, over feeding

Advanced Modeling Techniques

Significance of advanced modeling, manually adding objects to application design, understanding application views, dimensions and hierarchy, virtual cubes, lookup cubes, spread profile cube.

TM1 Security

The various security levels including Server level, Cube level, Dimension level, security TM1, refresh security, creation of Client & Group, access privileges.

TM1 Application Web

Importance of Application Web for extreme formatting, TM1 Web Applications, Creating TM1 Application, working with TM1 Application Web, snapshot in TM1 application, active forms, TM1 user, data formatting range, how to add MDX filter, action button properties.

Cognos TM1 Project

What projects I will be working on this Cognos TM1 training?

Project – Create and Deploy Planning Applications to the Prospects (Excel)

Data – Sales

Topics – This project is involved with exploring and analyzing data that is derived from Cognos TM1 models into the Excel spreadsheet format. Learn how to move data between Cognos TM1 model and Excel while retaining the Excel functionality, extending the analytics capabilities for faster and better decision-making. You will closely work on connecting TM1 Server with Excel, creating Slicer and Snapshot, creating and managing active forms. Upon completion of the project you will know how to build powerful multi query and multi sheet reports against different databases.

Cognos TM1 Certification

Intellipaat training course will provide you complete proficiency to clear the IBM Cognos Analytics Author V11 C2090-621 certification. The complete course content is in accordance with the requirements of this certification.

Intellipaat training will give you ample opportunities to work on industry-designed real-world projects and case studies. All this will help you fast-track your career with hands-on experience in the domain. Upon the completion of this training, you will solve quizzes that are modeled on the specific types of questions asked in the certification exam.

We also award you with Intellipaat Course Completion Certification, once you score at least 60% marks in the qualifying exam and complete the project work. Leading MNCs like Cisco, Standard Chartered, Sony, Ericsson, TCS and others acknowledge Intellipaat certification.

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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