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Coaching: the Indispensable Leadership Skill

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The majority of leaders have expertise in their field and are highly effective at managing business processes and projects. But as they progress in their careers, they are asked to focus more on leading, managing, and collaborating, often without being given proper training in these areas. This workshop will focus on coaching, the indispensable leadership skill, to help us motivate and build confidence in others and ourselves. In this highly interactive workshop, we will learn and practice coaching methods that enable those we coach to transform challenges into creative action. These will include an advanced introduction to the GROW model (the most widely used coaching framework: goal, current reality, options, wrap-up), candid and respectful feedback methods, and the development of deep empathy for those different from ourselves. We will also learn how to cultivate an atmosphere of learning and trust. Through thoughtful, insightful feedback and discussion, we will affirm our strengths and address our limitations in our individual coaching styles. Participants will leave enlivened by capabilities that support authenticity, psychological safety, and personal power.


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
Learning and Organizational Change

Coaching lab – Level 1

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May 7—Jun 20
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Sep 10—Oct 24
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The Coaching Lab is a 7-week supervised group coaching experience designed to give you practice and feedback about your coaching skills. You will work virtually with a group of 4-5 participants and an experienced coach educator who will guide your group through a series of exercises to practice "Level 1" skills: establishing a coaching agreement, forming strong client relationships, asking powerful questions, and communicating and listening effectively. In order to enroll in this course, you must have completed a minimum of 50 training hours in courses that have covered the process/practice of coaching and interpersonal relationship skills in coaching. We recommend "Coaching Tools for Transformation" and "Coaching Relationship Essentials," but similar courses may be substituted upon approval of our admissions team. Other prerequisites: Participants will need to complete the pre-work and submit an ILP prior to starting the weekly coaching meetings.

7 Weeks | 90-120 minutes per week in small groups, plus online course content

About The Coaching Lab

This is a seven-week course focused on practicing coaching skills in small groups of 4-5, under the supervision of an ELOC Coach. The labs will use "real play" exercises created to focus on one or two coaching competencies each week. Coaching lab meetings will run on either Tuesday nights or Thursday nights, from 7-9pm Central.

What Questions Will We Answer

  • What does lifelong learning mean in the context of coach development?
  • How effectively have I mastered the fundamental competencies for coaching?
  • What are my coaching strengths?
  • In what areas should I focus to build my coaching competencies?
  • What does it look like and feel like to engage with wholeheartedness, directness, open-mindedness and responsibility as a reflective coach practitioner?

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Practice and receive feedback about your coaching skills from an expert coach and small group of peers.
  • Focus your development on those areas where you have opportunities to thrive and grow as a coach.
  • Expand your professional coaching network with others dedicated to lifelong learning.

Who should attend

  • Leaders and senior managers who want to become coaches or add coaching to their overall leadership toolkit.
  • Note: All participants must have completed a minimum of 50 coach training hours (see overview).
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