Smith School of Business

Coaching for Challenging Conversations

Available dates

May 27—28, 2020
2 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3300 ≈USD 2579
CAD 1650 per day
Oct 15—16, 2020
2 days
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
CAD 3300 ≈USD 2579
CAD 1650 per day


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About the course

The ongoing task of developing talented people requires many kinds of conversations. No matter how effective you are as a coach and manager, you will face situations that require tough conversations. In fact, working with hard-working, high-achieving, committed people requires challenging conversations if they and you are to continue to grow and excel.

This Program will enable you to:

  • Tackle Challenging Conversations - Develop the confidence to eliminate conflict, rather than delaying or avoiding challenging conversations
  • Grow and Excel - Understand that challenging conversations are necessary for the growth of committed and hard-working people
  • Keep your emotions under control - Engage in challenging conversations and listen objectively to others
  • Acquire self awareness - Develop the self-management skills that are necessary to stay cool, calm and focused throughout the conversation

Personal benefits

  • Improve your interpersonal communication skills
  • Become a more courageous manager, willing to constructively challenge others to excel

Organizational benefits

  • Productive engaged employees. There is a high correlation between one's ability to handle conflict and productivity.
  • Increased energy and morale, enabling strong relationships and employee satisfaction.
  • A healthier, more positive work environment

The Program covers the following curriculum:

  • Review of the coaching model and how confrontation fits within this style of managing
  • Self-assessment (Thomas-Kilman Conflict Management Instrument) to determine personal tendencies in conflict situations
  • Preparing oneself to be self-assured
  • Managing yourself "in the moment" during a challenging conversation
  • Preparing an opening for a challenging conversation that reduces negative reaction
  • Common roadblocks to successful outcomes and how to avoid them
  • Four key communication skills that create an honest, safe environment
  • Structuring and directing the conversation to a successful outcome
  • "Putting it together" - Prepare, deliver and receive coaching on an impending difficult conversation

Who should attend

The Coaching for Challenging Conversations Program was designed for three main groups:

  • Managers who want to further improve their coaching ability
  • Leaders who want to challenge people in a way that builds trust and confidence
  • People working in teams who need to positively resolve differences with others

Trust the experts

Karyn Garossino

An exceptional workshop facilitator and trainer, Karyn Garossino has considerable experience in coaching for challenging situations. Her resilience, poise and skill under pressure were built from the ground up. Karyn first learned these skills as an athlete then deepened her theoretical understan...


Garry Watanabe

Garry Watanabe started out his career as a lawyer and spent five years developing his corporate experience in the competitive world of law. During this time Garry came to realize that his passion for coaching and developing others was overtaking his desire to be a lawyer. This passion drove Garry...


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