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About the course

Engage, empower and get results

Coaching has slowly become an ‘essential skill’ for every people manager. In fact, according to Project Oxygen, a project conducted by Google on its own people, the single most important managerial competency that separates highly effective managers from average ones is coaching. Coaching has proved to be an effective tool in supporting the empowerment, engagement and accountability of team members.

Instead of hiring external expertise, organisations want to develop their own management into internal coaches for their direct reports, because commitment to coaching often needs to start at the top; allowing the benefits of coaching to filter and trickle down.

This ICF accredited programme has been designed to give you as a manager access to powerful coaching skills that will enable you to improve your effectiveness at work and drive business results.


  • Practice giving feedback that is timely, specific and tied to performance goals.
  • Carefully observe behaviour and diagnose problems.
  • Learn to ask probing questions to open up discussions and help a person to learn rather than teaching them.
  • Discover how to gain understanding by listening attentively.
  • Create relationships of partnership, equality and trust.
  • Master techniques for gaining agreement and buy-in.
  • Unlock a person’s potential to improve their own performance by raising their awareness and clarifying goals.
  • Involve direct reports in finding solutions for performance improvement.
  • Follow up on coaching goals.

Programme Design:

Day 1 – Discover – How can performance improve through coaching?

  • Nature & Purpose of Executive Coaching
  • Driving Organisational Performance through Coaching

Day 2 – Engage – How do I coach effectively?

  • Tools & Practice of High Performance Coaching; Ethical Coaching
  • Building Rapport & Understanding the Coachee

Day 3 – Grow -How do I give effective feedback?

  • The Effective Feedback Conversation
  • High Performance Coaching in your Organisation; Coaching Difficult Conversations

Who should attend

Research support that managers who become an expert coach increase his/her flexibility and are able to operate throughout the range of directing, coaching, supporting and delegating.

  • Senior managers and/or leaders in charge of teams who are are looking to develop a coaching culture as a part of their business strategy,
  • Executives looking for an approach and/or a set of coaching skills to improve your effectiveness at work
  • Managers who may not have the time/need to go on a full Masters or Diploma programme but require access to key methodologies and tools of coaching for business results that can be immediately applied in their workplace

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