SIM Professional Development

Available dates

Mar 12—13, 2020
2 days
SGD 866 ≈USD 635
SGD 433 per day
Oct 1—2, 2020
2 days
SGD 866 ≈USD 635
SGD 433 per day


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About the course

Cultivating personal charisma and magnetism


German sociologist Max Weber noted that charismatic leaders inspire devotion in their followers, making them effective agents of change. Negative people do not attract or rouse any enthusiasm. Be someone who is unforgettable! Cultivate the intangible quality of charisma that makes people admire you, want to follow you and be part of your team. Grow the power from within yourself to attract and influence others to achieve goals.

Benefits to You

Business Outcomes

Participants will enhance their charisma to lead, inspire and influence others thus improving personal competencies and building stronger working relationships at all levels. The acquired ability to use persuasive communication to get others to buy-in to ideas while minimising resistance also improves effective delegation and gaining of consensus and collaboration, to ultimately meet overall business objectives.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the impact of charisma for the individual and organisation

Discover the importance of your inner power, will and energy

Recognise different charisma styles that can define you

Apply strategies to peak your performance through charisma

Studying the behaviour of the charismatic individual

Understand the impact of negative minds and build self-confidence

Improve personal branding through charisma

Programme Outline

What charisma and its double-edged serving purpose is

Inside Out: Focusing on your inner power, will and magnetic energy to transcend

Choosing different charisma styles: Charisma, authority, visionary, kindness

Peak your performance through the ‘Mind of the Powerful’, ‘Soul of the Charismatic’ and ‘Behaviour of the Persuasive One’

Ramp up your charisma quotient

Charisma behaviours: Presence, Power, Warmth and their stumbling blocks

Desensitising your state of Negative Minds

Re-creating Charismatic Mental States

Charismatic impressions to wow and body language that empowers

Using charisma in difficult situations

The Charismatic Personal Challenge to excel

Who should attend

Level 2 - Supervisors, Executives, & Emerging Managers

Level 3 - New Managers

Level 4 - Managers

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Mika Swee

Mika Swee is a professional trainer and in 2008, she established her Training and Consultancy company, of which she managed, lead a pool of Trainers and defining course curriculums for her clients. Mika is affectionately known for her authentic, dynamic and engaging training styles. Her goal in ...


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