Certificate in Leading Sustainable Strategic Change

Schulich Executive Learning Centre

How long?

  • 5 days
  • in person

Schulich Executive Learning Centre


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Who should attend

This program benefits any manager or executive tasked with leading strategic change initiatives, including business directors and vice-presidents; public sector directors and program managers; human resources managers; division managers and general managers; project managers, team leaders and supervisors; operations managers; and corporate development and training managers.

About the course

Thrive in the program’s interactive curriculum, including practical and theoretical action-based learning, collaborative exercises, business simulation, business case studies, virtual learning, best-practice sharing, dialogue and peer coaching.

You’ll acquire the skills necessary to become a leader of successful organizational change by mastering five key learning objectives: overcoming the three challenges of change; learning to lead from anywhere in your organization; helping people to want to change; managing the transition; and integrating, engaging and moving your business team forward. Take advantage of the strategic plan feedback generated through the GlobalTech Experience Change Computer Simulation, and use your new expertise to positively impact the balance sheets of your organization.

Course content details

Day 1

Exploring The Nature Of Leading Successful Change Initiatives

Successful change requires leadership – the capacity in the organization for someone to step forward, articulate their vision of the future and move toward that future. This session will build your leadership capacity to lead new business initiatives.

  • Effective Change Approaches
  • Explore models of leadership and your organization’s style of leadership
  • Explore your leadership story and develop your capacity to lead
  • Develop your leadership brand and your orientation toward change.

Apply Your New Learning Tools:

  • Your personal brand
  • Your Leadership Narrative

Day 2

Developing Your Capacity for Change

Change initiatives require leaders who create compelling visions for the future. This session explores tools and techniques for presenting your plan and engaging your team to commit to action.

  • Building the Business Case for Change and Creating a Compelling Vision.
  • Defining the value proposition of your change
  • Understanding the nature of change and its 3 key challenges
  • Framing the scope of change
  • Challenging the status quo: framing and reframing and strategic analysis

Apply Your New Learning Tools:

  • Vision Mapping
  • Framing the Scope of Change

Day 3

Managing The Transition

Successful change leadership enables others to act. This session helps you evaluate change alternatives, assign key stakeholder roles and manage resistance.

  • Uncovering Obstacles and Developing Strategies to Address Them
  • Evaluating your change alternatives
  • Identifying and aligning key stakeholders
  • Identifying critical roles to support successful change
  • Managing resistance and risk
  • Stakeholder analysis and framing

Apply Your New Learning Tools:

  • Stakeholder analysis and framing
  • Reframing change through multiple lenses

Day 4

The Computer Simulation – GlobalTech

As a powerful applied learning tool, this course will employ a computer simulation which will provide a hands-on experience with the change process. Participants will work to diagnose, design, implement and measure a change initiative.

  • Try out your newly acquired tools and techniques, and receive feedback (in terms of buy-in and budget) on your plan
  • See a change from start to finish
  • Experience leading a strategic change initiative with a workforce that does not share the sense of urgency or vision
  • Establish budget and buy-in requirement that measures success in real-time

Apply Your New Learning Tools:

  • The simulation is foundational for the course, giving you the opportunity to work in groups on a common problem.
  • Additionally, we will look at change initiatives that participants are leading and apply our learning to move these initiatives forward.

Day 5

Integrating, Engaging and Moving Forward

The course wrap-up lets you establish next steps. Identifying critical success factors for leading and managing sustainable change within your organizational structure.

  • Leading, managing, transitioning – the critical elements of sustainable change
  • Ensuring alignment among the people, processes and purpose
  • Developing your personal leadership development plan
  • Developing your organizational change plan
  • Maintaining and fostering sustainability
  • Agile and organizational change


Ori Schibi

Ori is the high-energy owner of pmKonnectors.com, a consulting, training and placement practice. With 23 years’ experience in driving organizational change, operational improvements, software implementations, Agile adaptations, project recoveries and PMO’s, his scope of expertise includes value c...

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Certificate in Leading Sustainable Strategic Change at Schulich Executive Learning Centre

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

Full disclaimer.

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