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School of Human Resources & Labor Relations

Certificate in HR Cybersecurity

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Jun 19
East Lansing, Michigan, United States
USD 495
USD 495 per day


Cyberattacks pose a real and increasing danger to every employer, regardless of size or industry. While financial services have the greatest number of security incidents, every employer, from small hometown restaurants to international manufacturers, are at risk. Protecting the organization from ransomworms and data breaches must be a whole-of-business priority, as the loss in dollars and trust can cost employers millions of dollars every year.


  • Build strategies to prevent spear phishing and whaling attacks
  • Discover how information you post on social media, blogs, and apps can be used against you
  • Develop secutiry practices for traveling for work with a work computer
  • Identify the dangers of using open public wifi and external media
  • Learn about current threats and trends in cybersecurity


HR maintains sensitive employee data, data that is appealing to hackers. Protecting this data must be part of the standard operating procedure of every HR professional as they collect and maintain employees' social security numbers, full names, addresses, and dates of birth. One HR professional accessing these records on the free wi-fi at the airport can lead to a catastrophic breach, one that costs the employer hundreds of thousands of dollars in notifications and lost employee trust.

Attend this program to minimize the risk and mitigate the impact of cyberattacks by developing develop a culture of cybersecurity.

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International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Fraud Prevention Institute for Employee Benefit Plans

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Prevent Fraud in Your Organization

Next dates

Jul 15—16
2 days
Chicago, IL, USA
USD 1770
USD 885 per day

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Employee benefit plans are packed with personal and sensitive information on individuals, members and dependents—a virtual treasure trove for hackers. Plan sponsors, fiduciaries, administrators and vendors have a heightened responsibility to protect this information both within their systems and in cooperation with their vendors and service providers. Fraud prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

This new conference will seek to uncover emerging trends in fraud and fraud prevention, share the latest in cybersecurity and deterrence of data breaches, and provide instructive guidance for internal controls and risk prevention.

2018 Topics/Agenda

  • Fraud Case Studies
  • Routes for Fraud
  • Ways Employers Can Address Fraud
  • Best Practices in Vendor Management
  • Preventing Participant Fraud
  • Legal Review in U.S. and Canada
  • Protecting Participant Data
  • Best Practices Concerning Cybersecurity Insurance
  • Data Breach! What to Do Now (U.S.)
  • Data Breach! What to Do Now (Canada)
  • Substance Abuse and Fraud

Benefits of Attending

  • Come away with takeaway items for action.
  • Gain knowledge and ideas of how your peers are addressing the concerns of cyberattacks and internal data security breaches.
  • Learn from experts what best practices and emerging trends are being implemented.
  • Hear how recent key legal decisions will impact how you prevent fraud in your plans.

Who should attend

This conference has been created for plan sponsors, fiduciaries, trustees, administrative staff, fund office staff, human resource and benefit support staff from corporate, public, governmental and multiemployer plans in both the U.S. and Canada.


Detailed Description
Detailed Description
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