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Who should attend

This course is designed for busy professionals from all levels of the oil and gas industry who wish to achieve global business success.

  • Individuals working in the oil and gas industry who seek a greater understanding of the fundamentals in the global oil and gas business.
  • People making the transition from technical roles to managerial positions, where a broader knowledge of the business is essential for their career advancement.
  • New employees and support staff of your oil and gas organization wanting to gain a broader understanding of the business side of oil and gas.
  • Business students studying the oil and gas industry and looking for a comprehensive global learning experience.

About the course

Thunderbird Online’s Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management is designed to provide you with a well-rounded, global understanding of the ever-changing oil and gas industry. Management styles and strategies in the global oil and gas industry are in constant flux. In this era of increased industry consolidation and heightened competition, the dynamics of international business are in full force.

Thunderbird Online's Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management focuses on the business of the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream segments of the industry. You will have the opportunity to analyze and understand global oil and gas strategies, and position your organization as a leader in this dynamic, global competitive landscape. Immerse yourself in this Thunderbird Online certificate, and gain a thorough understanding of today’s global energy marketplace, and how it directly relates you as an integral part of the overall oil and gas value chain.

Curriculum Highlights

The Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management is divided into five content categories:

  • Global Oil & Gas: Value Chain and Geopolitics of Oil
  • The Upstream: Exploration, Development and Production
  • The Midstream: Markets and Transportation
  • The Downstream: Refining and Marketing
  • The Future Oil & Gas Industry

Your certificate is composed of 12 modules developed by Thunderbird faculty and delivered via the Thunderbird learning environment. Each module runs approximately 120 minutes.

Certificate format

  • Pre-assessment questions to test your knowledge of the provided book chapter(s).
  • Interactive exercises and business case studies that actively engage you and reinforce content.
  • Video presentations by Thunderbird faculty and subject matter experts.
  • Real-world business challenges for you to experience and address global business issues.
  • Post-assessment questions to test your knowledge of the topics covered in the module.


Module 1: Overview of the Global Oil & Gas Industry Today’s world cannot function or exist without oil and gas. Define and understand oil and gas value chains, business strategy questions within oil and gas and evolutionary forces that have impacted oil and gas within the last century.

Module 2: Politics and Energy Further your knowledge of politics and energy as they are forever intertwined. Understand value in terms of national security and wealth, corporate stakeholder types and interests of government and corporations.

UPSTREAM Module 3: Access, Fiscal Regimes, and Exploration Define the oil project life cycle including access, exploration and fiscal regimes. Oil and gas companies working in the upstream need to find oil and gas to sustain their business model and continue project development. Understand the types of access and ownership and recognize the role reserves play in the industry.

Module 4: Developing Oil & Gas Projects Learn the fundamentals of developing oil and gas projects from a business management perspective in a global economy. Understand and enhance your knowledge in the phases of a development project, key business tasks, rate of products, utilization, how to manage various contractor relationships and safety concerns.

Module 5: Production of Oil & Gas The production of oil and gas is the manufacturing side of upstream. Keep the product available and the costs as low as possible to increase your competitive advantage. Determine upstream costs, field reinvestment and renewal, contractor supply chains, partnership management, political risk, innovation and technology.

Module 6: Natural Gas and LNG Learn and understand the difference between natural gas and LNG. Gas is only valuable if you can effectively get it to market and continue to innovate. Determine the reasons for creating LNG, gas development and pricing. Discuss the process of transporting LNG including liquefaction, regasification and the gas to liquids process.

Module 7: Financial Management Develop your understanding of financial management and analyzing financial data. You will learn the key components of a balance sheet, difference between debt and equity, fundamental financial metrics, types of capital sourcing, creditworthiness and the difference between revenue and earnings. MIDSTREAM Module 8: The Market for Crude Oil Understand the ever-changing market and pricing structures of crude oil. Nobody can predict the price of oil, but understanding the costs associated with it will help you develop your benchmark. Crude oil is a commodity, and this module will help you better understand the essential fundamentals of supply and demand of crude oil.

Module 9: Transportation Learn about the transportation of oil and gas. Identify transportation modes; understand pipeline basics, and the various methods of transport from wells to refineries including barges, trucks, barrels and tankers.

DOWNSTREAM Module 10: Business of Refining Crude oil does not have value until it is run through a refinery. Discuss the process of refining, and how the fundamentals of downstream are historically less profitable than upstream. Understand refinery basics, cost management techniques, the difference between independent and integrated refiners and the components of the refining process.

Module 11: Petroleum Products and Petrochemicals The global economy runs on petroleum products. Learn about motor fuel channels to market, the retail price of motor fuels and fuel standard and specifications. Using this information, develop your understanding of price fluctuations in the market. Discuss petrochemicals and their abundance. The products from petrochemicals touch everyone’s lives many times every day. Define the stages of petrochemical production, commodity chemicals and specialty chemicals. You will also further understand the structure of the industry and factors in profitability.

Module 12: The Future of the Global Oil & Gas Industry Discover and understand the future of the oil and gas industry. Review the topics discussed and gain an understanding of peak oil demand, non-petroleum based competitors and emerging markets. You will also focus on new entrants in the industry, and availability of capital.

The Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management will provide you with the foundation knowledge of the industry and will enable you to utilize the information provided to enhance the competitive edge of your organization.


Andrew Inkpen

Andrew C. Inkpen is professor of management and the J. Kenneth and Jeanette Seward Chair in Global Strategy at Thunderbird. His research focuses on global strategy, the management of multinational firms, and the management of strategic alliances and international joint ventures. In recent years h...

Michael Moffett

Michael H. Moffett is an associate professor of finance and holds the Continental Grain Professorship in Finance at Thunderbird School of Global Management. He also is the academic director of the school’s Thunderbird International Consortia, partnership programs among globally focused companies ...

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Certificate in Global Oil & Gas Management at Thunderbird School of Global Management

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Coursalytics is an independent platform to find, compare, and book executive courses. Coursalytics is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or otherwise affiliated with any business school or university.

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