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Presented by the Virginia Council of CEOs in partnership with the Robins School of Business Eight sessions covering the most-requested topics by VACEO's members. The sessions are specifically designed for CEOs and senior leaders from small and mid-sized companies. All sessions will incorporate action learning to immerse participants in the process and give them hands-on experience with the content. Participants will engage with experts and peers to address the most pressing challenges and deepen their connections with fellow CEOs and executive leaders. Class size limited to 24 participants.

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  • Strategic Planning: From Vision to Execution Why does your firm exist? What purpose does it serve for your customers? Your employees? How do you discover the main problem or opportunity in your market and then coordinate your full range of stakeholders to deal with it? This workshop pushes you to think through questions like these and helps you prioritize the important over the urgent.

  • Organizing your Business for Growth Whether growth is forcing you to reconsider how you have organized your firm or you are proactively organizing your firm for growth, this workshop will have you looking at the challenge from multiple viewpoints. Which of the activities or functions your firm performs need to coordinate most closely with the others? How much control do you really need over each activity? Which activities can you perform better than other firms? These are the sorts of questions you will examine, and your answers will lead to insights about how to organize your business for its next growth phase.

  • Achieving Results with and through Others: Delegation and Accountability As you grow your business, what holds you back from letting others do the things you used to do so you can take a broader view of your business? In this session, we’ll build on the first two workshops in this program and uncover ways to get work done through the very capable people you’ve hired. We will focus on four key skills: building an underlying foundation of trust, shifting your leadership style while your people develop new skills and take on new responsibilities, delegating work that you shouldn’t be doing to those who are capable of performing it at an even greater level of quality, and developing an environment of accountability. You will walk away with an action plan to begin to put each of these skills in place.

  • Talent Development: Coaching and Nurturing Employee Growth; Succession Planning CEOs want people who fit well in their companies’ cultures, who perform at an outstanding level, and who are committed to the long-term sustainability of the business. At the same time, opportunities for top talent to work elsewhere abound. The war for talent rages on. In this session, we will discuss executive succession from the top down, while focusing on organization planning, recruiting, development, and retention. You will learn strategies, processes, and techniques designed to broaden strategic discussions at your company that explore succession options, risks, and contingencies.

  • Shaping Corporate Culture through Effective Communication Is your business culture one that will allow it to grow and thrive? In this workshop, we’ll help you understand what organizational culture is and why it’s important. As a part of shaping your business’ working culture, we’ll look at the skills behind real, effective communication and how to flex your communication style to reflect your listener. Communication is a key foundational skill that help to shape the culture that will help to drive your business. You’ll walk away with a quick assessment of your current working culture along with a plan to improve your communication and evolve your culture to achieve your business goals.

  • Managing Conflict Conflict wears many faces. Whether you are dealing with difficult people or tough situations, you need a collaborative and productive process to resolve a problem. This workshop will give you the tools needed to manage relationships effectively with both internal and external stakeholders. Through a series of self-awareness and experiential exercises, this session will teach you how to maximize every business conversation and interaction you have.

  • Data Analytics What questions do you need your data to answer? This interactive workshop is designed to help you advance data analytics initiatives within your organization. We will focus on how you can utilize data to coordinate business processes, improve decision-making, and promote evidence-based management practices. The emphasis is on design and deployment of analytics initiatives rather than tools and technologies.

  • Leading Effectively through Change One thing you can be absolutely certain of is that things will change. And, when they do, will you have the ability to lead others through the personal transitions to the new way of doing things? In this session, we will show you ways to accelerate the changes you’d like to implement, and you’ll walk away with tools to use and a plan to implement.

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