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About the course

In the final course, the participant experiences a hands-on application of the knowledge imparted to date through an online business simulation game. A web-based business simulation game is introduced to help participants develop strategic thinking and general management skills through understanding the complexity of global business operations in a dynamic competitive environment. The simulation i​ntegrates a range of concepts from various management related disciplines like HR, R&D, marketing, procurement, production, inventory, logistics and financial management through a strategic decision-making process.

Learning Outcome

Leaders will be able to :

  • Increase awareness on the complexity of operating an international company from a strategic and general management perspective.
  • Identifying and analyzing key environmental and organizational variables that may influence an organization’s performance within and across national markets, and their influence on the organization.
  • Enhance fact-based analytical decision-making and crystallize the financial implications of business decisions by linking decisions to cash flows and bottom line performance.

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