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Center for Technology and Management Education

Business Writing for Technical Professionals

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About the course

In the Business Writing for Technical Professionals workshop, participants will assess their current writing skills and learn specific techniques to improve their style. Emphasis is on organization and appropriate choice of language for letters, reports, memos, email, proposals, manuals, procedures, and other communications. This workshop will benefit individuals who are responsible for writing clearly and concisely, and develop the skills necessary to constructively critique materials written by others.

Participants bring writing samples for workshop critique. Training content focuses on discussion, practice, and evaluation. Follow-up reinforcement occurs one month after the workshop.


Participants will learn to:

  • Collect thoughts quickly and efficiently
  • Profile their audience
  • Eliminate "page fright"
  • Match message format to purpose
  • Structure idea flow with clear, concise sentences and paragraphs
  • Compose and revise rough drafts
  • Organize their key points by Content Mapping©
  • Choose the appropriate tone and language style
  • Reduce editing time
  • Make writing more interesting and informative
  • Control communication costs
  • Self-check the finished product


Precomposition - How to Get Started Writing

  • Will it be an Action or Information Only message?
  • Capturing ideas by outlining
  • Profiling critical readers/reviewers
  • Thinking through your message structure

Establishing Tone & Interest - Message Mechanics

  • Choosing appropriate vocabulary
  • Overcoming wordiness
  • Tailoring via active versus passive expressions
  • How to compose short, loose sentences
  • Three key pointers on writing clearer sentences
  • Variety: the 'spice' of effective communicating

How to Compose Effective Openings

  • Where - and where not - to begin
  • Two types of opening categories
  • How to make the introduction provide a pathway into your message
  • Opening lines that work

Organizing the Body of Business Communications

  • Matching document format to communication purpose
  • How to "map" the idea flow
  • Structuring reader-friendly paragraphs
  • Using headings & lists effectively
  • How to add reader incentive
  • Using 15 effective transitions to link your thoughts

Wrapping Up in the Closing

  • How to reinforce/summarize important points
  • The conclusion: final point of message impact
  • How to build in a response generator
  • Writing a direct, suggestive, or provocative closing
  • Ten-step self-editing checklist
  • How to avoid 25 common grammar culprits
  • Before and after examples

Who should attend

Executives, project managers, project leads, team leaders, proposal managers, engineers, sales personnel, and anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

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