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Keep up with China’s development and win in the future market

No other country has transformed itself more rapidly than China in the past half century. China has undergone a shift from a largely agrarian society to an industrial powerhouse – it is the second largest economy by nominal GDP and the world's largest economy by purchasing power parity. Furthermore, once the world’s factory, China moves up to 17th in WIPO innovation ranking in 2018 and is on its way to become a technology powerhouse.

The English-language program Business success in the new Chinese era is becoming strategically important for both newcomers and expert western players in the Chinese market. Without doubt, China’s consumer market will stay a key growth area but the competitive landscape will become even more complex when Chinese companies become threateningly better along the state-led tech revolution. Newcomers have to design their path to the new China carefully and essentially differently to older practices whereas existing western companies have to reflect on the sustainability of its current China strategy.

To ensure business success in this new Chinese era, decision makers have to understand the latest political changes and market developments in China, gain a deeper understanding about the cultural roots of the Chinese way of doing business and and refresh his or her knowledge on success factors in this very dynamic market.

Key topics

Understanding the new Chinese era

Political and market development, industrial and innovation policy, impact on China-European business activities, Chinese way of doing business and Chinese consumers

Leading Business in the new Chinese era

Market entry & second home strategy, Chinese market, digitalization and technology innovation, stakeholders for business success, cultural experience, digital experience

Key benefits

Individual benefits

Participants will gain up-to-date knowledge about the new Chinese era and its impact on business, learn about successful approaches in entering and mastering the Chinese market and gain immersive digital experience to understand the market and consumers.

Organizational benefits

All ESMT programs are practice-oriented and generate fresh perspectives. The company will have manager ready to design, re-design its China strategy and eventually operate on the ground. In addition, this program will capitalize on the exchange between executives from different countries, industries, and companies – a diverse network whose joint knowledge will be available for the benefit of the participant’s company.

Who should attend

Decision makers from any company or organization whose business existence and growth have been, are or will be influenced by the rise of China.

Trust the experts

Olaf Plötner

Professor Olaf Plötner is the dean of Executive Education at ESMT. He joined ESMT as one of the first faculty members and managing director of ESMT Customized Solutions GmbH in 2002. Olaf's current research and teaching focus on strategic management, industrial market management, and sales manage...


Nan Guo

Nan Guo is a program director at ESMT since 2018. Before joining ESMT, She was on the frontline of market entry projects for German corporates, medium-sized companies and a startup in higher education into the Chinese market. She played a key role in bringing German products and services to the C...


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Available dates

This course has no confirmed dates in the future. Subscribe to be notified when it is offered.

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