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About the course

This programme, now running for the 6th consecutive year, is designed for individuals and organisations currently doing business in Africa, or are considering entering African markets in the future, and require a deeper understanding of the realities of starting and expanding businesses in South African, Kenyan and Nigerian Markets specifically.

Distinguishing factors

Three key areas distinguish the Business of Africa programme as you immerse yourselves in an insightful and stimulating learning journey:

  • A travel component that will enable you to compare and contrast the African economies of Nigeria and Kenya.
  • Cutting-edge research and vigorous interaction with recognised specialists, business practitioners, leaders and academics from across the continent.
  • Exposure to real challenges, opportunities, threats and risks in business in Africa markets.

The debate around ‘emerging’ Africa has reached a new juncture. With growth rates still well above the global average, the debate is no longer about identifying new markets; it has become more measured and up-to-speed with the rest of the developing world, focusing on the growing middle-class or rising inequalities despite nearly 15 years of growth and the role of the state and business in developing solutions across the continent. The debate has also become much more industry or sector-specific and contextually driven from country-to-country or from one sub region to the next.

The programme includes travel to three significant business destinations in Africa – Johannesburg, Lagos and Nairobi. It is structured to provide an experiences of how to enter the Kenyan and Nigerian Market, providing some lessons for potential entry into other African markets. Balanced, in-depth content and thinking around the African business environment with practical insights and immersions are crucial to building business acumen on the continent.

How your company will benefit:

The Business of Africa Programme presents organisations with a practical learning experience of what it takes to succeed and do business in South, East and West Africa, helping to determine the best strategic opportunities to grow the business.

Companies will also benefit from:

  • New perspectives on governance, leadership and organisational effectiveness in companies operating in Africa;
  • Exposure to lessons learned and the experience of successful businesses in Kenya and Nigeria;
  • A deeper understanding of the largest economy in Africa – Nigeria; and
  • Insights into the policy and politics that shape the business environment on the African continent broadly

How you will benefit

Previous delegates have found this to be an impactful and valuable experience. The Business of Africa will expose you to the following through company visits, lectures, cultural and business immersions, working dinners and syndicate work:

  • The implications of Africa’s variable geography;
  • The development of new sectors that are driving the rapid growth African economies such as retail, ICT, oil and gas, and agriculture;
  • Connectedness, innovation and technology in Africa;
  • African consumers, their preferences and the growing middle class;
  • New developments in infrastructure and supply chains;
  • The politics and policies that shape the business environment in African markets;
  • The diverse business culture and the realities of doing business on the continent in the biggest markets in Africa

Key Focus Areas:

Governance, leadership and organisational effectiveness in companies operating in Africa

  • Lessons learned and the experience of successful businesses in Kenya and Nigeria
  • Understanding of the largest economy in Africa – Nigeria
  • Policy and politics that shape the business environment on the African continent

Who should attend

Country heads, business development managers, general managers, marketing executives, segment managers, contract managers, directors and policy makers who are eager to better understand, succeed, build relationships and grow their business in Africa

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